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Find the Right Weight for Strength Training

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  • thanks for sharing....
    This is information that is helpful, thanks!
  • very interesting I am going to give this my best effort
  • very interesting I am going to give this my best effort
  • Missed my workouts...
  • This is a very tricky thing when starting to workout again.
  • I kind of felt like the others as there is no guides as to how much to increase the weight by (is it a percentage of the weight you are currently lifting or by some arbitrary fixed amount like one pound?) Also I know from personal experience that at least some of us will PLATEAU at some point in time with weight training. No mention of that either,
  • I'd like to slim down my arms, particularly my upper arms (horribly fat and no muscles at all!); but I've never done strength training. I've been advised by my oncologist not to exceed 10 lbs. per hand, because of risk of lymphedema. Would I be able to improve my arms if I do one or two exercises on low weights and increase the repetitions? I don't want to do more than 2 different kinds of exercises because I am not good at remembering exercises (and hate them; the only exercise I usually do is walking almost every day). I want to order dumbbells soon; do you think I should order 5 lb. weights or 8 lb. weights or 10 lb. weights? I know I might find 10 lb weights difficult at first, but thought I could slowly increase the # of repetitions...
    OK, this helps, I've been doing 15 reps but three sets. And I move up in weight when I've done the same weight for a week or two, but still three sets of 15. Is there a better way to do this?
  • Thank you for this article! I was wondering how often I should increase and it's definitely time!
  • Like the article.
    I have been lifting weights since I was 21 and I'm 53 now. I have taught a group of women for the last 8 years, ages ranging from 20 to 71. I can assure you that women do not bulk up, we just do not have enough testosterone to do it. Thank the lord! I have seen weights change womens shape better than any other form of exercise. The keys is to lift heavy enough and to use proper form. For me it is using weights heavy enough that the 8th rep is a challenge. When it starts getting easy on the 8th rep increase the weight to make it a challenge again. Proper breathing is key too. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth on the lift or exertion. The great thing about building muscle is that it burns far more calories than fat and takes up less space. I may weigh more on the scale but my clothing size is much smaller and I feel great too. I believe it is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your health. You have to remember though...exercise cannot undo bad eating or over eating. It takes both to see your work pay off. Happy lifting ladies!
  • Taking a clue from IndyGirl, I started with soup cans. In June this year, they became too light and I was doing 20 easy reps. I went to get some REAL WEIGHTS. Two pounds seemed awfully LIGHT. Threes were more challanging. Fours were HARD.
    So I compromised and got ONE 3 pound, thinking if it became too easy too fast, I would not have wasted too much $$$ (still unemployed - 2 years, 5 months, and counting)
    It does take longer to do each arm separately, but it does the job.
    Now (end of September), am up to 16 reps. Just last night, I was wonderfuling whether to add an extra set to go ahead and get a heavier one.
    THANK YOU for your advice.
  • I busted my shoulder because of lifting to heavy a weight, then when I got back into the gym I stuck to really light weights which on looking back didn't give maximum benefit.

    This article has come at the right time. I read an ebook which provided more or less the same information, but ended up with a 1 RM of 80%. After trying it out for two weeks I eventually settled for 75% which works a treat!

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