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The SparkDiet: Mediterranean Style!

Lose Weight by Adding Color, Taste, and Texture


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Good article. Report
I have 2 books with recipes on the Mediterranean diet, both about 300 pages each & both have information as well. One I bought for $1.50 at a thrift store, the other I got on sale at Amazon for $10.00, all recipes are different in each book. The recipes I tried are very good & tasty & I have used them when I have company. They like the meals as well. The books would likely be cheaper online then a book store. Report
Great article. Report
Sounds good. Report
Check out the Sonoma Diet which is based on the Mediterranean Diet. Its based on eating healthy and clean foods. Check out the Sonoma Diet team here on Spark Report
My brother has visited Italy many times. He is quite heavy. He told me when he's there they walk almost everywhere so it explains why he loses weight when he's there. I know it's not from the food because he eats enough for four people. I'm not being sarcastic... it's just a fact. Report
I think it should be mentioned that wine is not good for all. Especially those who are alcoholics. Report
Great article. Report
to SCAPP3LL3, hi I' m italian and it is true all the grains we eat are white! they used to be whole my granny used to eat whole wheat homemade bread but now the whole grains product are kind an old fashion thing, or they are available just for people that are in a diet or for whoever want to change lifestyle for better. the main problem is that a pound of whole wheat could cost somenthing in between 2 up to 4 euro while a pound of plain refined dececco costs about 1 euro O.O.... the good thing is we don't use a lots of butter but we use extra vergin olive oil and we eat a lots of veggie and fruits and beans or lentils and so on... it is sure that the most famous dish are super fat super igh in calories like lasagna pizza, pesto, cotoletta alla milanese, risotto (the real one is made whith butter veggies or fish or meat and broth and cheese a lot of cheese) but it is also true that we enjoy those meal just during big occasion.... i think the last time I eat lasagna at home was during christmas so it is something once in a while..... the only problem is that the whole grains are little bit expensive :( Report
Sounds great but its not true. I live in Italy, they eat cookies for breakfast. Seriously. And they NEVER eat healthy whole grains. All the fresh breads, pastas, pastries, etc. are from white, refined, simple-carb flour.
They are thinner, but not necessarily healthier. They have a huge rate of diabetes in people 60 and older. And all the other human conditions common in America. Except obesity.
Yumm. Sounds wonderful but I always have such a problem with portion control with pasta. Report
Sounds great , think I'll give it a try Report
I would love to go to the Mediterranean and try it from the original source. Report
I am going to look for a med. cookbook--all of it sounds delicious and I was reading an article that women 50+ should follow this diet plan. Report
I'm trying this out - might be right for me. Report

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