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What Your Bad Habits Say About You

Tailor Your Plan to Fit Your Personality


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Good article. Report
Great recommendations!!!! Must employ some. Report
This article was helpful. I like the way it broke down different personality types and offered suggestions on how to proceed. I am an intuitive and I can relax and know I can move forward in my goal to looking fat Report
great article Report
Good morning and happy Monday will have to do it today. It's the first quiet day in over a week and I'm playing catch up. Report
I really liked this article. There were some great tips for applying to life in general and getting heathly. Report
thumbs up! Report
I tend to have traits of a few personality Report
Loved this article. Report
Great article. This is a keeper. Report
First time I've ever read that it's ok to be an introvert. Very good article. As a blend of different personality types, these suggestions are most helpful.
This is a great article!! Report
Why can't I save articles any more? Report
Wow! What a great article, I can definitely use all of the points for introvert, improviser and analytical and now I know what personality traits can complement mine! Report
This article is both fun to read and very helpful because it not only advises to use our personality traits but shows how to do that. Very useful and I found quite a few of my bad and good habits in there. Thanks very much! Report

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