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Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Cues to Eating and How to Control Them


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  • if you really want to get real good tips check her out.!!!!!!!!!
    i lost 20 pounds already
  • if you really want to get real good tips check her out.!!!!!!!!!
    i lost 20 pounds already
  • These are good as a general rule of thumb but if I ate dinner at 5, I would definitely be snacking. We eat dinner at 7 and then I will occasionally have a piece of fruit or veggies later but always within my calories and carb range.
  • I try not to eat anything after 7PM but it's really hard, especially since the rest of my family likes to eat in front of the TV. The commercials showing yummy junk food don't help either. It's 10:30PM right now and I feel like I'm starving. I've already eaten all of my calories for the day so I really shouldn't eat anything. I'm probably going to go to bed soon.

    *This Pizza Hut commercial is really making me crave pizza. *drool*
  • What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. - Abraham Maslow
  • I do not eat at night . I drink water if I feel like I need something. I love a nice big glass of ice water
  • I am trying so hard to quit eating at night. My goal is to not eat after 7:00 p.m. I am not very active in the evening. Especially since retirement.
  • Last night I was very hungry about 2 hours after eating dinner. I thought about making chocolate chip cookies but instead I ate dinner leftovers, a second smaller supper of green beans, sausage and sweet potato.

    I believe in eating when I'm hungry. However I try and make healthy choices at every meal and snack. A second smaller balanced dinner is a far superior choice than crisps or cookies IMO.
    Thanks for sharing
  • I eat dinner at 8 p.m. and have a snack at 11 p.m. .I try to have something every 3 hours,so eat many small meals daily, I do not eat any more total calories, if I stopped eating earlier I would not be able to sleep and always would wake up 2 hours after bedtime hungry & eat. I have lost 40 pounds.
    Really solid ideas.
  • Things totally got better for me when I was able to remove from my daily routine the evening eating.
  • I have been struggling with night time eating, like I can't get enough food even though I eat right during the day and get lots of exercise. Everything you have in this article makes good sense and helps me to better understand where this craziness is coming from. I am working hard at not munching at night by keeping my mind off food. I am better off not watching TV because of all the fast food commercials! Good thing for me the closest fast food is 12 miles away!!!lol
  • This is definitely me!! Most of the time it's ok because I'll go to the gym after dinner and then work out instead of eating.... but when I rest or workout in the morning I definitely snack in the evening. I started a list of snack ideas under 150 calories to choose from- SP has an article about popcorn flavors worth checking out!! Also I've gotten back into hobbies- if my hands are knitting or doing cross-stitch, they can't be eating chips.
    I generally don't have too much trouble with night time eating, but last night my hubby brought out a box of cookies & my will power went down the tube. :/ He loves night time snacking. I am going to have to work harder. He is not trying to sabotage, he is just doing his thing...but it amounts to sabotage on my end, Lol.

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