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Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Cues to Eating and How to Control Them


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  • Why is 5 p.m. the magic time? Shouldn't it be related to when you get up and when you go to bed?
    Just the article I needed!!!
  • Very helpful & useful post
  • Great guidelines for me to follow!
  • Interesting article and statistics. MY plan has a fruit or 45 carbs at bedtime so i have a banana most nights. Occasionally an apple or grapes. Love my breakfast, usually forget to have lunch and we tend to have our big meal in the evening.
  • Great article! My kitchen is closed at 5:30!
    I have to admit one of the best cures for eating before bed is to brush and floss. Great article and infor to distract that evening munching!
    This is one of the really terrible articles. Almost everything is taken out of context and presented as facts.

    If you're starving - not just hungry for dinner - when you come home, you're not in control, you've been depriving yourself. Of course you'll want to make up for it. You need to make up for it! If you don't have a good plan - dinner ready or everything ready to make dinner, and a dinner you actually look forward to eat - and your house is full of all the "forbidden" fruits you aren't "allowed" to eat, but you're hungry, tired, bored, and exposed to temptation from commercials on TV, and now you "deserve" it - of course you'll eat!

    Even when trying to ignore "5:00 pm", the advice makes no sense. Some people need and like to eat something right before bed. Number of meals is not very relevant; nutrition is relevant. Dinner is the biggest meal for most families (even singles), it's usually a time to relax and enjoy a good meal, and meals have to fit in the daily schedule, which will vary from person to person, and through the week.

    Are we supposed to snack or not to snack? Such confuse. Much why!
  • I can't sleep unless it's been 4 hours since I last ate something. So I brush and floss my teeth right after dinner, before I even clean the kitchen. Since I don't want to do that again, I'll wait until morning.
    I would not think about food until my husband gets out his peanuts at night with regularity! Then I get hungry! I try to limit my snacking to a few nuts or a cheese stick. But I am beginning to think any snacking affects my sleep. I have never been a good sleeper and I truly believe this affects my weight struggles.
  • Dr. Jason Fung argues that eating at night is the norm for our ancestors, not three meals a day. Our ancestors worked during the day to gather food, so nighttime was the time to prepare and eat it. Myself, I make midnight snacking part of my meal plan.
  • I am working on this with some success. Getting in enough water is helping a lot!
  • These are good as a general rule of thumb but if I ate dinner at 5, I would definitely be snacking. We eat dinner at 7 and then I will occasionally have a piece of fruit or veggies later but always within my calories and carb range.
  • I try not to eat anything after 7PM but it's really hard, especially since the rest of my family likes to eat in front of the TV. The commercials showing yummy junk food don't help either. It's 10:30PM right now and I feel like I'm starving. I've already eaten all of my calories for the day so I really shouldn't eat anything. I'm probably going to go to bed soon.

    *This Pizza Hut commercial is really making me crave pizza. *drool*

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