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7 Hidden Ways to Get Better Sleep

Go From Restless to Well-Rested in No Time


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  • Interesting suggestions. Will try some of them.
  • Listening to soothing music helps me a lot.
  • Turning off electronic devices (telephone, computer, etc.) has made the biggest difference for my sleep.
  • Sometimes you have to go out on the ledge to see the view of where you want to be.
    A good night sleep is an important part of my program, but not over sleeping is not.
    Being retired has made getting proper sleep easier. I go to bed as soon as I feel tired and don't let myself linger in bed upon waking. Remembering earlier times, POWER NAPS DO WORK!
  • Been sleeping better than ever lately--bedtime routine helped me most I think.
    Routine is the key.
  • My jocturnal waking lead to nocturnal eating so I work hard to get good rest.
  • I aim for a full 8 hours sleep, but sometimes I just wake up after 7 hours and no matter what I try, I can't get that other hour of sleep, and other times I can get that full 8 hours
  • I feel a difference if I don't get enough shuteye
  • I like nine hours of sleep but sometimes I can only get eight or seven and a half hours! My mother is ninety two years old and she likes nine hours of sleep too!
    Due to existing medical conditions, my only way to sleep 8 hours pain-free is to take some pretty heavy duty drugs. Those lead to pretty unsatisfactory mornings, much like a hangover. What seems to work better tho' it is not great is to go to bed when I'm tired. Get up when I find myself wide awake from turning the wrong way and then eventually going back to bed when sleep moves in again. Not the best but better than drugged sleep and later the side effects. And there are no drugs without side effects
  • HYKER13
    Been there, have done all this stuff, nothing works had a sleep study done many years ago, and you know what they told me? yeah you have few problems sleeping, that was it, waste of money. I get about 4.5 to 5.5 hours a night, I am in bed for 8 hours, taken sleep remedies, helps for an hour or so.
  • I have to have the room very dark...can't even see a power light from a device. I also do a type of meditation where I visualize flying over my house in the sky at night as I am getting sleepy. Then I float down through an atmosphere that feels like moving through soft, dark velvet toward a warm. dimly lit room with my bed waiting for me in it. Next, I sink down into the soft silky bedding and my eyes feel so heavy they can't stay open. I also feel my extremities become heavy as I sink farther into the bedding until I lose consciousness. My breathing slows and deepens and all extraneous sights and sounds disappear from my awareness.

    Anyone can work on these types of visualizations using things they find calming or relaxing.

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