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7 Hidden Ways to Get Better Sleep

Go From Restless to Well-Rested in No Time


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Good article. Report
I find napp9ing to be a very important part of the day. It leaves me refreshed and rejuvenated. Report
It can be hard to get into a routine Report
Thank you Report
Really good strategies! Report
I do some of my best creating trying to get to sleep.........Now as soon as this happens I write it down on a note pad I have beside the bed. Getting good at writing in the dark. Then I fall right to sleep. I used to stay awake to make sure I didn't lose the thought. Report
Thanks! Report
This is a good article. I hope to get into a better routine so I get more than 6 hours of sleep every night. Report
I am so thankful to have good sleep patterns. I hear and read about the many difficulties that people have with getting good restorative sleep. Good article. Report
good article Report
My sleep pattern is about 6 hours per night. I seem to do pretty good as long as I keep busy. Once in a while I do nap. I would agree more then 20 minutes makes me groggy. Report
Helpful article Report
Good article. Thank goodness I do not have any problems falling asleep. Report
thanks Report

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