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Is Your Car Making You Fat?

More Drive Time May Mean More Unwanted Pounds


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Very interesting article. Report
Great. Report
Good blog, HOWEVER I live in the rural mountain boonies in New Hampshire, closest anything grocery store is 12 miles, don't think I'm walking 12 miles one way to do a weeks worth of groceries. Anything is 4 miles one way over hilly, winding back roads where people think they can go 80 MPH. there is also a chance to come across bears, foxes, skunks etc. Not what I want for a walk thank you. So your advice and suggestions don't work for everyone! Report
Good article. Report
I love walking, although it's just too hot here ATM. The only snack I keep in the car is water, nothing else needed, except proper picnic food on long trips... Report
I love that quote! 'Friend's don't let friends drive, when walking or biking is an option...something like that Report
I am an optimist.
It does not seem too much use being anything else.
- Winston Churchill Report
Good information Report
Great article.l thank you. Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Can hardly wait until I can get my bicycle out. Report
I really enjoyed your blog. I have a disability sticker for the rest of my life and I am tempted to use it but decided that I was depriving myself of valuable walking. Now I only use it when it is seriously raining or snow. Not only am I helping myself but not taking valuable space for less fortunate. There is no denying that I do need it occasionally when the pain gets out of control but give that body a chance to enjoy its life. Report
I park as far from the door as I can. But living 3 miles in on a dirt road and 5-10 miles from the nearest store really isn't feasible to walk or ride a bike to do my shopping. I do walk on my lunch and on my breaks at work. If I was in the city I would walk or ride my bike all the time. Report
We live 8 miles from the nearest town, so driving really is a necessity. That said, we generally try to find a shady spot to park (read that: "the farthest spot from the door"). And on the rare occasion that we stop at big burger, you will never see us go thru the drive-thru...where to get "in-n-out" you are in a line of at least 10-12 cars. But yes, as another commenter posted, when I was a kid, we had fast food maybe once a week, but we walked the mile or so there and back. Mom almost always had cookies for us made from scratch, but I remember that I played outside until it was dark. During Christmas vacation, I remember having a blast riding thru deep rainwater puddles with my bike to see how far the water would splash. When we lived near an irrigation canal, winter meant sloshing around in the canal to find trapped fish for the cats to eat. In other words, we were always active and doing something. Now, I can't remember the last time I saw kids tossing a football in the street, or playing basketball at the park...they're too busy with their phones for that. When they walk, it is at about a 1.5 mph snail crawl. Obesity in this country is going to get much worse before it gets better, because we haven't taught our kids to go out and have active fun. Report

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