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Slip into a Steady Slumber

Tips for Curing Insomnia


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  • Sticking to a bedtime routine works best for me. If I just jump into bed because I'm too tired, I actually don't sleep well.
  • I typically am a very sound sleeper , unless I drink mountain dew which is rarely anymore. I love Epps and salts bathes with lavender oil, I eat supper very early ,and go to bed early. Today was my first day back to work after being off for 9 days. My body will rest well tonight. Sweet dreams everyone !!
  • I love that word refreshed. Aaahh...
  • Sleep is something that escapes me so often. I do think about things I did not do and I am trying to exhaust myself so that I fall into bed. I have discovered Dr. Teals relax and sleep formula to soak in before going to bed. This helps a little.
  • I have had insomnia for a long time plus sleep apnea now. And my doctor does not want me on sleeping pills because of it but nothing else seems to work. I have tried melatonin and other herbal medicines even over the counter and it does not seem to work.
    Using a fan for white noise is like a lullaby and helps me to sleep fast.and peacefully. Sweet dreams!
    I generally get a good night's sleep, but on the rare occasion that I have trouble nodding off, I get up and go into my library to read a home repair manual. My trouble is STAYING asleep. I actually wake up whenever I turn over. As in, open in my eyes, sit up and reposition my body. I go right back to sleep but it's still puzzling.
  • I get in bed and work in a Sudoku book no matter how sleepy I am. I tend to spend too long at night on computer or watching TV. When I go to bed my mind goes in a loop and replays every thing I need to do and every worry I could have. I used to read, but found myself in a good book at 4 a.m.! Not good. I get the Will Shortz Sudoku books that are easy to medium. I want to think, but I don't want to become frustrated. These cause me to totally focus on the puzzle, and soon I'm drifting.
  • I have struggled with sleep issues for years.
    Coasted along, from my 20's to my 50's, on 4 to 5 hours sleep being my norm, and thinking that was a good nights sleep.
    Health issues have made me aware I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP !
    So this is a priority to me now!
  • I like the idea of trying the lavender oil. I think I will try it as my mind tends to race at night then I have difficulty sleeping
  • Staying asleep is my problem too. I have been writing in a journal before I go to sleep, and that may be helping a bit more. I am able to track things that made me happy and things that I am working on wig mini-goals to move me forward in the direction I need with certain tasks. I don't stress about the lack of sleep, and I do use sleep apps to help me fall back asleep if it seems to be taking longer than usual to catch zzzs.
  • good article with good ideas. I suffer with this some. Melatonin helps me usually and when that doesn't I take a sleeping pill which isn't very often. With having PTSD doesn't help with sleep. I do get on my tablet and play cards until I get tired...I also chat with Jesus when I am not able to sleep.
  • I can't drink hot milk but soup works for me

  • I enjoyed the idea of writing a letter before you go to bed. It sounds so quaint and romantic!
  • I would add one other longer-term item to help with sleep: make sure the mattress is in good shape. Especially when we've been carrying excess weight, what started as supportive and comfortable can become worn down and be all sorts of awkward to sleep on. Not to mention the difference in what is comfortable once we have less of the padding on our body. (I know this last one ... an extra firm mattress can end up feeling TOO firm.)

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