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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


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So glad it’s over with and we can just look back now. Report
I'm post menopausal and wish I'd had this article before. Thanks for the information. Report
Good information. Report
Thanks Report
Good to know I'm on the right track! Didn't know about staying topped off with estrogen thru exercise...interesting! Report
Thanks for the information! Report
Great article...I need all the help I can get! Report
Exercise was 'part' of my campaign, eating healthier than previously, upped my water intake (well monitored it better), got to know SparkPeople (at the back end) and lots of vitamin supplements. I talked out loud (more so than others appreciated - apparently!) and only knew I was in menopause because one of my friends noticed the symptoms when I did talk out loud! Well the good news is that I am on the other side. I was lucky, was possibly already half way through when I found out what it was. Had fairly mild symptoms; depression, night sweats, anxiety, sucidal, no energy, no staying power and a real bitch at times! Living in 40+ Degrees Centigrade confused the hot flushes, but think I got them in the morning. Report
Thanks for the article, great Info! Report
Very good article. Report
I agree that mostly nothing helps menopause horrible symptoms for people who suffer them, as me. The only thing that helped me was taking HRT. Not exercise, not eating well, nothing except for meds. Report
NOTHING works for menopause hot flashes~not exercise,not soy flour nor soy products ~NOTHING!
So, this is another one of those articles where I say ~ Oh really??? Guess I'll have to TOUGH IT OUT like everybody does who does not want to take HRT that is PROVEN to cause cancer. If exercise DID work, it would be passed on my by word of mouth and I wouldn't have ever HAD hot flashes because I have regularly exercised or moved my body doing activity DAILY!!! I agree with another sparker ~this is BOGUS!!!!! Report
This is a well-written article and explains the need for exercise clearly and intelligently. A must-read for all of us of a certain age! Report
I do my stretches every other day most of the time. Report

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