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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


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I have been dealing with Menopause for 4 years, in the last year I have gained 20 lbs around the mid-section; and the hot flashed are crazy; as well as night sweats.And I think I am losing my hair.

I see an TCM doctor once a week for acupuncture and cupping, which has helped but no weight loss or reduction of hot flashes. I am going to my OB/GYN tomorrow to try some form of HRT Report
Perhaps thismight not be a cure all, but it is a definite help against bone loss and weight gain. Miracle no, but non age related good sense and healthy.
By the way, several years ago, it was noted that I had osteopena but this year with excercise was told that my bone structure is good. Yay for excercise!
Again, good solid advice, whether or not it completely alleviates the menopause symptoms.
Being peri-men myself, I'm always on the look out for natural ways to manage this.

That being said, we are all different and have different medical backgrounds. One size doesn't fit all in medicine (said as a former customer service/patient rep for a hospital).

I've also read that one should look at the peri/men. history of your mother/sisters (if you have any) for a possible indication of what to expect. Again-possible indication.

Everyone is different. I hope to manage my symptoms naturally, but also-I won't hesitate to talk to my gynecologist if necessary. Report
Terrific!! Loosing weight was always a challenge - but now it is an uphill battle. This article gives me inspiration to continue training to run that 5k. E Report
Great article! Really hope this applies to a "chemical induced" menopause as well! Report
Wow I wish I'd read this 5 or 6 years ago. Great article. Thanks. Report
This could not have come at a better time for me! My first appointment with a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in menopause is tomorrow. So hot all the time but would rather exercise than take hormones if possible. Plus I needed the push to exercise! Report
This is the best bit of motivation for me. I'm hopeful that if I commit to exercise the way many experts advocate that I'll reap these particular benefits. Yay exercise! Report
I really beleive this is true for me! : ) I am 47 and have been in peri-men. for years already. I have chronic back problems and have had 5 back surgeries. A year ago I started walking, and watching what I eat, and have lost 30 pounds and dropped 3 sizes! I feel so much better! My back pain is very minimal and have cut back my prescription pain medicine to a minimum. The hot flashes and night sweats have decreased, as well as the fatigue and weakness issues. I still have those symtoms, but I feel better now than I have in many, many years! : ) Report
I have been working out for years and it did nothing to help manage the Menopause. The only thing that solved the problem was Sottopelle BIHRT pellets imbedded in my butt. I feel like I did when I was 30 (PMS included) and the freaking hot flashes stopped. Sottopelle was the best thing I have ever done.
This all makes perfect sense, but I'm not seeing any of the positive results you mention from my exercise regime.

I started training for and participating in half marathons (walking) four years ago (age 44 at the time) because I was hoping to see all the positive effects of exercise mentioned in this article. I was also hoping to lose some weight, but I knew that I needed a goal - like race day - to motivate me to get out to walk. Well, I've walked 85 miles in a month, I've done 12 half marathons, and I haven't lost more than 2 pounds.

I eat as healthy (whole grains, veggies and fruit, no red meat, little alcohol, no sweets) as I always did, but I still have hot flashes, I still have little to no energy, I'm still irritable most of the time, and I still have a hard time focusing. I'm trying OTC remedies like Estroven, B12 and iron, but so far nothing helps.

With my last race of 2011 behind me, I've decided to shake up my work-out routine by adding a few classes at the local gym, but I'm at a loss as to what to try next. My older sister tells me to stick with it, it'll pass and life will be normal again soon. Little solace at this point when I'm ready to throw up my hands and give up.

Any concrete ideas? Nothing warm and fuzzy please. I've read and heard it all. I need solid, actionable advice please. Report
I read with interest the comments by those of us who had surgically induced menopause. This deserves a separate article, as our experience is NOT "normal". My body was nowhere near ready for menopause. I suffered horrific nightsweats that made me dread going to bed. I'd been working out hr a day, which made no difference at all. I finally found a dr who put me on bio-identical HRT, even though I'd had cancer. Over time, the estrogen in it was tapered down. Without exercise, I have 1-2 sweats a night and moderate sleep issues. With exercise, no sweats, better if not perfect sleep, and have been able to lose weight. Point: everyone is different, how & when menopause takes place makes a difference, exercise can help but is not a cure-all for every menopausal woman. Report
I agree that exercise is a good thing for all ages. However, I'd like to see a reference on the statement that during exercise the adrenal glands are stimulated to convert the male hormone androstenedione to estrogen and that a few 30 minunte sessions a week can keep your estrogen levels " topped off" . Report
Both my mother and grandmother had hysterectomies before they reached menopause.
I have no one to talk to in my family that has went or is going through menopause.
I am only having to go on what I feel and what I hear and read.
Totally agree with this article. I am 52, exercise at least once a day and feel like I'm 29. No hot flashes, great sleep, lots of energy, feel strong and great way to feel upbeat. Report

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