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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


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Both my mother and grandmother had hysterectomies before they reached menopause.
I have no one to talk to in my family that has went or is going through menopause.
I am only having to go on what I feel and what I hear and read.
Totally agree with this article. I am 52, exercise at least once a day and feel like I'm 29. No hot flashes, great sleep, lots of energy, feel strong and great way to feel upbeat. Report
I think a lot of info about exercising regularly before menopause to help ward off the weight gain is BOGUS. I was an avid walker..10-15 miles a week and when the peri-menopause kicked in, my progesterone level dropped to the point that I was sleeping a full 8 hrs at night and then another 4 or more in the day. I seen sleep specialists, psychiatrists, and a general practitioner and none of them could help me. Every time the general pr. did lab work, my levels were fine. Which I've been told often happens in peri-menopause. However, with a new dr. now, I've been prescribed oral contraceptives and haven't had a sleepy day since!

Oh and btw, I was still trying to exercise during what I call my year of sleep. Not only walking, but bike riding as well and all it did was make me want to fall asleep either during or immediately after exercise. I just don't think this issue is a one size fits all approach...seeing a competent physician and being treated by them properly is sometimes the BEST approach. Report
In my younger years I had all three of my children naturally and I am determined to get through menopuse the same way .. naturally. It has been difficult. I appreciate this article for the suggestions it offers. I guess I instinctively know that the secret to longevity is too use it, move it or lose even with a desk job that requires long hours I will be focusing on finding ways to keep active. I have had to completely overhaul my diet but I can say that the healthier I eat the better I feel. Report
And for those of you who have been exercising and still feel horrible I would suggest that you check to see if you are hydrated. I'm 53 in the beginning of menopause and every time I find myself in a bad mood and short tempered, I realize that I've had very little water that day. I drink my water and it just relaxes me. If your urine is dark yellow, you aren't getting enough water. It should be pale yellow, unless you are taking vitamins...that will turn your urine bright yellow. Also DIET ladies. Fruit and vegetables are important in making you feel good. Have you ever paid attention to how you feel after a hamburger as opposed to how you feel after a healthy salad. Think about it! Report
While it is true that we are all different therefore our symptoms of menapause will have various levels of intensity, I really like this article. It goes into great detail describing exactly the benefits of exercising for women period. Menopause or no menopause. I'm making copies and taking it to the exercise class that I teach. Report
Hate hot flashes and have been an exerciser for years including running and weight lifting.
I have slept with large ice packs and always sleep with a fan on. Exercise isn't what bothered me it was the 13 lbs that crept up on me from 45-54. What did I find out? I have to eat way less. In order for me to stay the weight I am at I can eat no more than 1400 calories a day. That is with exercise no less than 45 hard minutes a day. Report
I'm 56, been menopausal over a year, have been a runner over half my life.....and have wicked, horrible flashes day and night. I can't count how many I have. I have them when I'm running! I've cut back caffeine, taken just about every herbal supplement there is, tried effexor (don't do it!), accupuncture (expensive) and several on line remedies. Another one is due to come in the mail in a few days. Hope it helps. I'm feeling like the wicked witch of the west, melting into her broomstick. Report
Yes, i've always wondered why i still get cold, etc and now I get it. It's not just the swimming - it's the exercise. I thought maybe the swimming lowered my temperature so that was why i did not get the 'hot flashes' and I'm definitely old enough - just passed 60!! Thanks for the info, Report
Dear fellow Sparkers, bottom line is WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT and one size does not fit all. I have eaten healthy foods since I was a child, and I have exercised REGULARLY all my life, and still do 30-120 minutes a day on the treadmill, plus weight training. I do not eat sugar. My thyroid is great as is my cholesterol, etc., ad nauseum. I had TERRIBLE hot flashes starting at age 50 and started HRT and began to feel like a human right away. But after 10 years and medical 'discoveries' I weaned myself from them with the doctor's prodding. I've tried every concoction and nothing helped the returning hot flashes. At 65 years old I STILL get hot flashes. Yes, not too bad now, but I keep a fan in every room. Some of YOU get bad hot flashes, and I'm here to tell you that you are not bad people and you may not have bad habits. We're ALL DIFFERENT. But if YOU'VE never had a hot flash or yours are mild, just count yourself as lucky, but smart has nothing to do with it. Report
This is the best news I've heard all day, and makes me that much more determined to get the exercise regimen going. I'm wavering between doing Taebo and ordering Hip Hop Abs. Hip Hop Abs seems like it'd be more fun. Report
Let's see... a prescription that protects my bones, wards off heart disease, diabetes and other biggies, helps me sleep better, helps control my moods, might even make me smarter, and can cost as little as a pair of walking shoes? If this were advertised as a drug, nobody would believe it was for real!

Ok I am 44 and think I may be in pre-menopause but am not sure. My doctor says no cause my mom went in her 50's so that is what she is basing her answer on. Has not checked anything or asked any questions. I have had anxiety, shorter periods, moody, 8 lb weigh gain this summer and night sweats to name a few. Can anyone give me their opinion or help? Report
I was hoping to learn something but really I have exersiced for yearsand still feel awful Report
The last paragraph of the article is poorly written and even after reading it four times, it remained unclear. Certainly exercise helps some women with hormonal symptoms but for many of us, it's not enough. I have tried numerous natural treatments including Chinese herbs, Black cohosh and exercise. The weight stays on and the hot flashes are miserable. I can't use an HRT because of family history of cancer. I was glad that several women in this comment section wrote the same things. This validated my experience and provided much more hope than the article did. Report

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