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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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  • Even tho the treadmill works--and therefore I use it--I still prefer making some Vitamin D by walking/jogging/running in the sunshine whenever feasible.
  • I use my treadmill a lot; about 15 miles a week. Make sure when buying a treadmill that the machine can handle speeds of 6 miles or more an hours for more. Even though the treadmill says it can, doesn't mean that it will and not burn out. This is the experience I had with my first one.
  • Some good tips I wished I would have seen this year ago
  • Regarding the tip to consider purchasing one for yourself at home--when I first looked into buying a treadmill I noticed that pricing, features, guarantees, and reviews were all over the place. When I found one I liked and started searching reviews, I noted that the majority of people LOVED this brand--but about 20% got a "lemon" (something was wrong when it shipped to them--parts damaged or missing and assembly was difficult). I solved this issue by using my local craigslist to find someone who had a working treadmill of that model (all ready assembled and NOT a lemon) but who no longer used it and needed the cash for the treadmill instead of it. Win-win scenario!
    Great tips!. Loved it. These guys also put together a nice tips article.
  • Definitely prefer outdoor walks but the treadmill is part of the routine in inclement weather.
  • I love my treadmill!
  • Thanks for the tips.
  • I workout harder on my treadmill then I do outside because I have fallen outside and then was stranded. If I were to fall at home I would get help.
  • My treadmill is a god send during the long winter months here in Wisconsin. Used is the way to go!
    Treadmills and exercise bikes are great to have at home, don't need to dress up to do them, weather or air pollution won't mess up your work out plans.
  • The treadmill is a great backup for when the weather is lousy.
  • When I get on the treadmill I can't wait to start so that I can quickly finish
  • I use the treadmill 3x week. However, I do hold on because I have balance issues and holding on allows me to up my speed and my incline. I do not feel I have compromised my workout by doing so.

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