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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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  • I love my treadmill!
  • This is good information about usage and safety. I do not have the use of a treadmill, but I power walk every day and use 5lbs. weight in each hand to intensify my workout. I also ride my bike often for a different type of workout.
  • I walked for 12 minutes and ran for 6 minutes.. I walk for 2 to 3 minutes and then run for 2..
  • Hi! Treadmill is a very effective workout equipment. For use it you have to be very careful & follow precaution in advance that's reduce treadmill injury so much
    Connect Me Tightâ„¢ is a treadmill personal waist belt holds in place, supports the user at the adjusted preferred distance from the console/handrail and without interfering, altering the desired activities, nor pulling the user forward, allowing the users to use and swing their arms to utilize the full capabilities of the treadmill during exercising or physical rehab.
  • BM215P
  • BM215P
  • BM215P
    Like the article
    Great and pretty much informative article must say. Well to achieve a healthy and fit body buying a few of fitness equipments to set up a gym of your own would surely help you earn a few sounds healthy body system.
  • I love the treadmill but I really love outside better. Love to walk smelling the air outside.
  • Would love to have my own treadmill - but just do not have the room. But, I do have a club membership - so that is my favorite when there!!
  • I absolutely love my treadmill! I am so glad I bought one for myself!
  • When I have music, I walk farther on the treadmill. The only thing I don't like about the treadmill is that it takes up a lot of room, 24-7!
  • MEM123
    I joined Sparkpeople a while back but life got in the way and I quit walking on the treadmill and quit writing everything down, etc. Well, tonight I read a few articles and decided that if I let life get in my way again I may not live so long! Beginning tomorrow I'm back on the treadmill, reding articles and recommitting to SPARKPEOPLE because it ROCKS!!
    The treadmill is great to have where weather extremes make outdoor exercise unreliable. I'm headed for mine right now, as I watch the snow sift down outside.

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