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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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great articles, I really like my treadmill. I walk everyday.for 1 hour walk . walk alittle,run alittle.I feel so much better. Report
If you are out of shape or not as healthy as you should be, just use a treadmill 10 minutes a day for a week. Then add an extra 10 minutes per week following. You can eventually work up to 40-60 minutes. Do some stretches, then start out slow. For beginners, this helps so that you don't get an injury. Report
I called the cancer institute - you no longer have to do extension 111, it's a HUMAN! (can you believe it) and the brochure is updated to something called "Stick With It" instead of "Making Strides". They were very nice and it is FREE!! Report
Really like my treadmill - and it's something that's pretty easy for me to do on days when I don't feel like the frenetic pace of a floor or step aerobics DVD. Like many folks who posted here, I also watch movies and DVDs from TV shows while I'm the treadmill and that makes the time fly by. I also have a treadmill DVD by Tracy Staehle called Walking Strong that is a pretty tough workout. She uses varying speeds, incline and (some) weights to make a really challenging workout. Report
Love the treadmill. Keep fast pace music handy to walk-it's really motivating. Also keep a journal by treadmill to log in miles,time, etc. JUST DO IT. Report
I love my treadmill. I could never afford one and I was afraid that I would be one of those people that used it to hang their clothes on. When my sister's husband passed away she bought me a great treadmill as a thank you. It is the best gift I've ever received (not counting gifts my children made for me when I was small of course). I have never ever put one piece of clothing on it and I use it all the time. Suggestion: watch a movie if you want to go for a long time. I don't have a dvd player in the same room as my treadmill so I bring my laptop. It keeps me on the treadmill longer. Just be careful you don't forget what you are doing. Report
I use the treadmill for one of my cardio workouts. I was told to change the speeds at intervals to train my heart to respond to the workout. I always begin at 2.5 for 2 minutes and then jump up to my highest level of 3.2 for 5 minutes, then i repeat this throughout my 30-45 minute walk on the treadmill. I was also told to stay within a target heart range specific for me: 114-130 will burn fat. I go over a couple of points now and then. Check with a trainer about target heart rates to be safe. Above all, get out there and walk! Spark helps me keep motivated. Report
OK I love my treadmill but I'm not sure if I'm cheating myself on my calories burned. I have a nordic Track Treadmill that show me everything. So I have noticed that when I enter my time speed and such the amount of calories burned is about half of what the mill says why is this? Plus I always walk at an incline and use 3 lb weight on each wrist the whole time I'm on and I usually run for 11 mins with 1lb weights.

Long story short how do I make sure I am entering in my info and getting the most accurate counts? I wanna be sure I each and exercise to lose weight?

THANKS!! :) Report
i just love to walk and run on the treatmill, its the exercize that
i enjoy the most. Report
go to the gym and walk and run on the treadmill I really feel great being able to do this Report
I have a treadmill that I just got at home because the one at the gym would stop on me after 3 or 4 minutes. And it only did it to me. What am I doing wrong? Also I feel the belt slip under my right foot every now and then. So anyway I bought one for home and the same thing happens the belt slips, but it hasn't stopped on me yet. I am almost scared of the treadmill now because of the stopping and when it stops you stop, a quick jolt and your back is out of whack. Can anyone tell me am I walking wrong? I don't do anything different than what I normally do.
Thanks Report
I have never been on a treadmill before in my life until I went to YWCA last month. I use to go walking to the park not far from me but I have severe nerve damage from an accident years ago. The pavement is just so harsh on my feet, knees and joints. But, last month out of curiosity I called the local YWCA and asked if they had a fitness room and they said yeah. So, I went on in and tried it out. They had treadmills and a few other gym equipment. At first I had a darn time trying to get coordinated and to figure out how to use the treadmill. You pretty much on your own there and have to figure out yourself how to use the exercise equipment. I figure no biggie shoot I love gadgets and working on my computer upgrading it. I always have been the type that did not like to read manuals i just like hand ons and figure it out that way.

Ah well here I was all out of breathe, feeling a little dizzy and just had a hard time walking on the treadmill. Then I figure out why I was having such a hard time. I had been pushing buttons here and there that I did not understand. Doing that had made the treadmill inclined I guess up as far as it could go! For lol no wonder why i was all out of breathe and feeling the pain in my legs so badly it was inclined up too far! But, I did not know treadmills did all that. But, I figured it out and got it together working right for me. I went back about 5 more times and I can do 1 mile in 27 min at 2.5mph but I leave that inclined stuff off. My body is out of alignment after my accident so i must concentrate on keeping my footing in the right place for I won't go off the treadmill. Geesh I almost had that happened a few times! I have not been back to the YWCA because it cost 5 dollars each time I go unless I buy a membership for 45.00 for the year and then pay 3.00 every time I go. So, I been thinking maybe I will just save that money and buy a treadmill off Craigslist. I have seen so many for sale below 200 bucks. So, its a thought. I must say I really enjoyed being on the treadmill once I figured out how to use it and got my footing together. It really made me feel energetic the rest of the day. Only thing with YWCA you can only go between 9 am and 4pm and sometimes I just don't feel like exercising until later after 6pm. Also, I missed being in the open fresh air walking outside so I may still try to do that but don't walk as long and I would walk only in the evening when the sun goes down. Well HAPPY TREAD-MILLING TO ALL! Report
I bought a treadmill about 6 months ago and use it very regularly. You have to keep your workouts lively and fun and what works for me is catching up on my favorite TV shows while walking on my treadmilll. Right now I am catching up on "24" season 3 and that keeps me motivated to wake up at 4am in the morning to workout. Report
Well hello everyone,
This is my first comment on this Sparks forum. I started using my treadmill for the first time in a long time -- 15 min. only at an average of 1.5 speed. Today I progressed to 30 min and average again was 1.5 -I did get to 1.7 (brisk for me) -- I have a lot to lose and I am sadly out of shape. Just thought I would share my progress with all of you. I really started my Spark nutrition tracking and trying to eat the right foods yesterday, Monday. I'll stick with this -- I need this weight plan for myself!
I too have a treadmill and began using it in November last year. I also started a new food lifestyle change and have lost 25kg, which was my goal. I started at 10mins a day at a slow speed and short distance at first but am now able to do it for 100mins at 7kph and incline of 5%, which is quite intense but worth it. I'm 54yrs of age and plan on keeping this up but may have to time down some as I now have reached my target and am doing it to stay fit and healthy. When I began my journey, I was a type 2 diabetic and on medication. I have now been cleared as of a month ago and am off all medication. Good luck everyone. Happy walking!!! Report

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