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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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  • hi
    i use the tredmill in the even it is a good work out
    at first i had to hold on while walking fast then i lower the speed and try walking without holding
    it's working
  • I do use a treadmill, but understand how they can freak someone out. I don't feel confident enough in my balance to be able to walk without holding on...usually sides or front. It provides a great workout, and if the machine is good enough, you can vary your routine greatly. Plus it's one of the easier things to learn how to do ... I still haven't figured out eliptical machines!
  • Treadmills kind of freak me out. I don't think I'm coordinated enough to use one...but this article is getting me one step closer to trying! :)
  • Great article. I especially liked that you pointed out increasing the speed to a suggested level "if appropriate". I just completed cardiac rehab and found out I was trying to walk at too high a rate. My exercise "prescription" is to warm up at 2 mph and increase to 2.5 mph for the cardio portion. 2.5 mph is usually reccommended as a warmup speed. I found out I was trying to go at too fast a pace for my cardiac status - no wonder I would get chest pain. Now that I know my best pace, I can walk for 30 minutes or longer.
  • I use my treadmill in the evening while I'm watching political news shows and yelling at the TV. The adrenalin rush from getting angry over the idiotic things the political pundunts say, is the fuel I need to get me through an hour on the treadmill.
  • Wonderful article!! I have been on mine for a month now and have seen tremendous results in the length of time I can spend on it every time I use it....I just turn the T.V. on and off I go for as long as the "show of interest" is playing!! Thanks!
    i love the treadmill in the morning. However i still have to get myself used to it as there are days i am just not in the mood and prefer doing aerobics proper. but i have discovered that it really takes the pounds of ...I intend to keep at it
    Great article!
    When I started on the treadmill, I found it so boring! Music didn't even seem to help. I decided to set up a tv in front of it ... the minutes just seem to melt away. I enjoy it and even look forward to it now.
  • Great article!
    I was using the treadmill for my cardio, but my legs and knees would get very stiff and the muscles tightened up rock solid. I tried stretching before and after. Sometimes the pain would be unbearable I had to stop. I could hardly step down off the treadmill because the pain in my knee hurt to bend it. When I would stretch in the middle of the walk - it would help me get through the 30 minues.
    Now I am only working out in the pool for 50-90 minutes 3-4 days a week. I can get a good work out , and I don't have the problem with the stiffness and tight muscles while performing my routines. I still get the stiffness and tight muscles, but it's not until I get out of the pool.
    My doctor is testing me for arthritis and lupus, but my overall health is very good.
  • Good info, at least I was doing it right when I get on.
  • What about taking off the clothes on the treadmill begore goetting on? LOL!
    I like tis artical..I have a tread mill I was afrid to use but now I will try it!

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