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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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I do water aerobics at the Y three days a week and walk on the treadmill the other 4. I found the treadmill to be very boring until I discovered a few tricks. One is doing intervals. I warm up for 5 minutes, then 4 minutes at a faster speed and with a slight incline, 1 minute at increased speed and incline, back to 4 minutes, 1 minute, 4 minutes, 1 minute and then 5 cool down. This routine gets me a mile in 25 minutes. I've found that in concentrating on the time in increments works to keep me from watching the over all time and getting bored or discouraged. If I am walking on the treadmill without the intervals, I put a piece of masking tape over the timer part of my treadmill and focus instead on the distance I am going. I am much more successful that way. Hey, I'm weird but it works for me. Report
I have a treadmill and my hubby teases me because it has mainly been a clothes holder...looking forward to showing him!! Report
I just started the program. Yea!!! I have walk outside most of last year, now it so cold I have to start walking indoors. I read the posts and they have encouraged me to take the plunge and dust off the treadmill that was given to me. It was my sister's, she died of diabetes. I started losing weight after that, but the last few months I got stuck, somehow. I will drag the treadmil out tonight and set it up, so I will use it first thing in the morning. Thanks Report
I've been doing some 10 minute treadmills, but today is the first day to actually spend time on SPARK on-line. It takes some doing to set it all up, but I am so very encouraged. Anyway, thanks SPARK, thanks Chris, for caring about all of us and for setting all of this up! I am encouraged for the first time in a long time. May God bless you! Report
I use my treadmill everyday, and everyday I have to force myself to get on it. BUT, after I'm on it for about 5 minutes its not so bad. After 10 minutes I'm halfway to a mile. So I may as well go another half mile. Then I may as well do another 20 minutes. Then its usually a little over 2 miles so I may as well go for 3 miles and make it an even 60 minutes. It sounds complicated, but it works for me. Report
I have a NordicTrack treadmill and love it. It has an adjustable cushioning level, and I watch tv or listen to music while on it. We are setting up our own gym in the basement after going to a gym for a few years. We kind of lost interest in going because it was too easy to stay home after dinner. Now with our own treadmill and other gym equipment, we can go downstairs for even 20 mins, whereas we wouldn't go to the gym for only 20 mins. Report
Hi, just started on the 6th and have to confess exercising is a challenge for me. I have no excuse, I own a treadmill and currently unemployed, so I have the time. I appreciate your comments and I am going to try to do atleast 30 min 4 -5 times a week. I originally put down 40 mins...but that only went on for the first few day. Report
I hate a trendmill but use one when it's too cold outside to walk. I much rather be outdoors walking than inside on a trendmill.I've just started using my treadmill again and I watch TV while I walk..time seems to go by faster that way. I try to walk a mile everyday. Report
This is an IMPORTANT article. I hadn't used a tread mill in a while and on vacation last month I checked out the hotels tread mill. Let's just say I wish I'd read these instructions before getting on. I made some classic mistake and boy did I feel them later. Report
I have had a gym membership for sometime and find the treadmill a great way to get exercise especially in the winter. Last week end I purchased a treadmill so I can begin to set up my own mini gym at home and do away with the gym membership. Looking forward to putting it to gether this weekend. Report
I like treadmills because they seem much easier on the joints that walking or running outside. Being inside also helps you feel safer so it becomes very meditative way to relax and exercise. Report
Good morning,
I just purchased my first electrical treadmill Saturday and I love it. This is a very interesting article...the comments are also uplifting. So, after I complete my last report for this morning, I am going to put on a headset and listen to it as I workout at the beginners level. Look out treadmill, here I come....

Hi everyone ,I to have a treadmill, I have been walking 1.0/1.50 miles ,20/30 min a day @ 5% incline 2.7 3.0 mph, last .25 mile 4.0 mph for the past 3 months followed by the sparks strength training guide it is a great way to get your work out for the day. I have more energy no more back pain and my legs feel a lot stronger. I haven't really lost any weight, but I have lost inches approximately 3 in. of my belly is gone . No weight lose is weird, but I Guess I m loosen fat a gaining muscle . keep on treading Report
What kind of treadmill does everyone have? I am looking to purchase a new one. Report
While I worked at the hospital I had access to a treadmill and really enjoyed it. It was safe and always the same temperature even with a foot of snow outside. When I left there, I was disappointed that I couldn't use it anymore. I just borrowed one from a family member and really enjoy it. It gives me the option of walking for 10-15 minutes whenever I have a few extra minutes. I still walk outside with my Spark Buddy but the treadmill is always free for me to use anytime with no waiting. Report

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