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Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

(Even if You're Not a Morning Person)


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  • I do love morning!
  • Makes sense. I'm not a "morning person" either, but I'll give this a shot.
  • great tips. thanks
  • Virgil was right when he said, "The greatest wealth is health."
  • I wasn't much of a morning person but I finally learned that if I got up and exercised I felt better and the day went better than if I had stayed in bed an hit the snooze button a few times before getting up. Thank you Sparkpeople for helping me wake up to that fact.
  • I just got in two hours of swimming this morning so I'm amped up for the day. Weather is nice so I plan to get a walk in as well. 🙂💪💪
    Just the other day I read a "fact or fiction" Spark article which debunked #1 in this article. Get it together!! How are we supposed to truly learn if you're giving us conflicting information?
  • It depends on what the weather is. It gets hot in the summer and I do it in the morning but in the winter it is too cool to do it in the morning, so I do it in the afternoon.
  • hubby and I get in a nice brisk walk every morning (weather permitting)
  • I already love a.m. workouts hate when I'm off all day when I don't.
  • It's the only way I get it in.
  • I love my early morning exercise
  • I will try this A.M. morning exercise. If it causes me to eat less I'll be in trouble. I can't even get my calories up to 1300 calories a day as it is.
  • I would say do what is best for you. I am a morning person, and that was why I started my work day before 6 A.M. where I could used my brain. I had tried exercise (mainly weight lifting) in the morning and I woke up at 3:30, ate plain oatmeal, and arrived in the gym nearby at 4 A.M. Then I rushed thru my work out (60 minutes instead of 90), pushed to about 80% of my strength and tried to reserved enough energy for my 10 - 12 hour workday. I would warmed and rushed my full protein meal once I arrived at my work. Then I would starved at lunch, and ate junk food so I could lasted the afternoon. I did that for almost a year and gave up. Now I started work at 5 A.M. had a good breakfast and high carb lunch. I would be ready around 5 P.M. in the gym, gave my 120%, had my meal afterward around 7 P.M. and got a good night of sleep. I still did 30 minutes cardio work at home in the weekend morning regularly.

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