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Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

(Even if You're Not a Morning Person)


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interesting Report
I wish I was a morning person! I always feel more accomplished when I exercise early, but I find sleep overrides that most days. Report
I'm a morning person so love getting the day started off healthy!! Report
Early morning is the best time for me to exercise. Report
Anything that gets me to make exercise a routine is positive. Report
I do find that if I don't get my workout done first thing in the morning I tend to get busy and sometimes might put it off altogether. Best to just set it for FIRST, get it done & enjoy it... and move on with the tough stuff for my day :) Report
I know that morning exercising does wonders, but it would be out of question for me most of the year. I usually wake up around 6.20 am and have to get out and rush to work at 7.15 am - No way I'm going to wake up earlier to exercise, shower and get ready for work! :P Report
thanks Report
I want to be an a m exerciser. When I can’t it seems like I can’t get as motivated. Report
...used to be an AM person when i was younger but never up early enough to workout b4 work bkz of my night life...started working a PM job & weekends so i had funky sleep habits... would get up, work out, go to work, come home & work out again...lost motivation along the way... since retiring i exercise when the spirit moves me BUT, like the idea of exercising first thing in the AM and it's out of the way so, I'll be doing that from now on... besides i'm convinced it will set the tone for my day... Report
morning is good Report
I am doing this and finding I have more energy all day long. Report
Sometimes I am up early, but then I get coffee and my current book on my Kindle curl up in my chair and read for a couple of hours. I need to change this to get up and get on my treadmill. Report
I'm an early morning exerciser. Starting at 5 am and finishing before sunrise! Report
I usually go to bed in AM, With the good info here maybe my morning (about noon after going to bed @4am) I can make this my AM and carry on (I'd say normally; however, the only "Normal" I know of is a cycle on a washing machine) and make noon my time for AM exercise. Report

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