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Don't Be a Runnin' Fool

A Beginner's Guide to Running


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  • This really answer my question about how to start running, especially if want to begin with walking first then gradually move to whole workout of run only. This article is short but enough info that didn't mess with my head. Actually, my friend suggest me to do running to burn more calories, get rid of these pesky fat. I'm still in planning stage as I'm waiting for August to buy the perfect running shoes - can't wait to start walking and running!
  • I totally agree with this article. I do a lot of walking and quite a lot of this fast, but when I tried jogging I couldn't do it.
    I have now started running with my son, who regularly goes running (but doesn't like walking). He constantly reminds me to slow down and suddenly I find, I can run .......... ok not very far yet, but watch this space .....
  • My goal is to make it around my 1.25-mile block. I'm up to jogging for about 3 minutes, walking for one, but my knees are starting to complain about the whole business. I got properly fitted for running shoes and everything. I'm hoping I don't have to give this up before I make it to my goal, but I also don't want to really damage my knees in the process.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Good article. I totally agree with the breath test. I always thought I was going too slow, but actually I was going way to fast. Once I slowed down to a more comfortable pace I could run for hours!!! You can too.
  • NPAUL929
    Thank you for this article. My running road is hilly terrain and this sentence, "Remember that it is important to maintain a consistent effort, not necessarily a consistent pace, when running uphill." is just what I needed to learn. Too often I tried to keep the same pace and then could never make it all the way up the hill. Now I know I ought to be focusing on the effort not the pace. Again, great article.
    I go for a regular 1 hour walk each sunday, so this week I'm going to try a few 1 minutes jogs too, who know where it will end!!!
  • Great article. I want to incorporate running into my routine, so this was valuable information.
    I took up running at 46 and, along with weightlifting and good nutrition, it got me to 50 in the best shape of my life! This article has great advice and anyone starting a running program will benefit from it.

    I love to run and plan to continue doing it into my sixties, seventies and beyond... for as long as I can...

  • HI, I found running on a track helped me get started. Then I could walk 1 lap, run one lap. And went when it was cool outside and enjoyed the noices out there. But it you like
    music bring your Ipod!.
  • SIZE-0-4EVER
    I plan to run my first 5K this summer and looking for as much info as I can find.Thanks!!!!
  • ha ha ha I spelled rub not run hahaha no I do not rub anything for 4-5 miles sorry guys!!
  • I rub 3-4 miles about 5 times a week(slacked off but recently started and am a 4 mile point is 50 mins happy faces!!) as for breathing I puff out 2 short breathes and c=suck in 2 short breathes the entire time, we check on the marathon runner site and this is how they breathe and it really works!!! I was able to run further longer cause I kept by breath! Have fun running!!
  • TSANC01

    Thanks for that info, I too was breathing thru my mouth and I found throat drying out real quick.

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