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Body Beautiful From the Inside-Out

Make a Healthy Diet Your Beauty Secret


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I actually got complimented on my skin the other day. My mom told me before I started this program I was looking 10 years older than I am. Now she thinks I could pass for 10 years younger than I am now. WOW did that feel good!:) Report
Loved the Chart. That was greattttt! Thanks Report
i have noticed in the last two weeks of incorporating more water and green tea, that my skin is clearing up and looking younger...amazing what beauty from the inside out does for one's self esteem Report
Since I started Spark People three weeks ago, my skin has completely cleared up! I used to always have one or two pimples somewhere on my face, and now I consistently have no acne, and my skin looks brighter too! I'm convinced there is definitely a link between hydration, eating well and skin appearance! Report
More good reasons to eat healthy food. I started drinking green tea instead of coffee on work days. I really enjoy it; my routine is to get to the office, grab a tea bag and put it into a 16 oz coffee commuter mug with a lid to steep for a while. I still get a shot of caffeine with the green tea too. I drink it plain, no sugar or cream. I still drink coffee on non-work days. Report
I have been trying to work green tea into my diet . I knew it was a healthy food, but I didn't know it was an anti-inflamatory. Any anti-inflamatory is great for easing my lupus and arthritis. P.S. since this article is largely about facial skin--please don't forget to sunscreen your face and neck before your walk or run and for heaven's sake, don't smoke. If your teenagers aren't afraid of lung cancer, speak to their vanity and make sure they know smoking will make their faces turn into old shoe leather. Report
It is funny but my husband's livelihood depends on selling bakery and pizza items to shops and business is booming in this industry and in these economic times I am very thankful that he has such a great job. I struggle with eating all these goodies, it is my weakness. I am learning moderation in everything though, including having an occasional donut, piece of cake, etc. I on the other hand work in the healthcare field in which our Wellness Dept. promotes healthy living so I guess we balance each other pretty well. He is on board with me the last two months and my healthy living is getting better because of it............. so have an occasional donut, it is okay!!! Report
This article really spoke to the soda addict in me! I'm going to implement some of these changes in my life. Report
Oh, I never bother to look at other comments before writing mine but I see others that have taken issue with the link of acne with foods and this was even as far back as May of 2009. I would think the article could have been corrected by now. Anyone with unlined skin/no acne just has good genes and good hormone balance but there are plenty of people who eat those same foods and do have acne. Report
This is a great article. I agree with everything but I did want to point out that I believe the thought that acne is caused by anything in one's diet has been refuted--it even says that in the the article link connected to the word "acne". Food gets a bad rap when speaking about acne but the current thinking is that sweets, chocolate and fatty foods have very little to do with it. Mostly issues with hormones although excess androgens are linked metabolically to insulin resistance and glucose mishandling such as in polycytic ovarian disease which also has acne as a feature. I would be willing to be countered with a good journal study that says otherwise but needless to say, I try to avoid all those types of foods for other reasons! Except for dark chocolate! lol! Report
Very interesting article. I like the general information you give and the chart is really useful. Have printed it out and wll leave it on the kitchen notice board. Another great item from Spark. Report
My daughter has been eating what I have been preparing which is a lot of salmon and we eat a lot of blueberries. She had a lot of whiteheads and skin issues and I noticed the other day that her face is clearing up. I didn't really think about food helping her face which is great!! Report
I'm a newly registered dietitian, and I have also suffered from acne for most of my life. I have searched and searched for any substantiated food-acne associations and only find that claims against specific foods, like concentrated sweets, are only myths. I would love to see research to back this up. Report
It's encouraging to know that I am already eating a lot of food on this list. Even before joining SparkPeople, I loved all berries, yogurt, nuts, seeds, salmon, and sardines to name a few. The article must be true because my skin is as unlined and clear as it was 30 years ago. Thanks for the article because I can see areas where I can make an improvement.
Good article. At the age of 50, I want my skin to look as healthy and glowing as possible! Report

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