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To Feel Fuller, Fill Up on Protein

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  • Great article, gave me some ideas
  • Good information!
  • This certainly leaves bariatric patients out in the cold - 50% carbs is through the roof. I only get 35-50 gr / day. High protein yes.
  • I'd like to know who funded this "2 Week" study. Carbs dominate our stores, refrigerators, thoughts and our over weight bodies. Good carbs, bad carbs...the bad carbs are sautrated in the supermarket. Manufacturers and these type of studies make us believe we need carbs. Truth is, our bodies need protein and fat much more than carbs. Protein reduces your appetite and keeps it low for hours. No need to get technical, just practical. Half my plate is protein the other half is veggies and salad.
    I would have a hard time eating that much protein, or that little fat.
  • I've known that for sometime. that's why my doctors have me on low carb food plan.
    When i first started Spark, i chose their meal plans. OMG, too many carbs. I used it for a few weeks, gained lbs. I still listed the foods, but didn't eat the carbs, added more protein. I lost weight and had way more energy.
    That lead me to create my own meals. it took longer to set up, but soon i created groups and that way tracking is much easier.
    Not everyone processes carbs the same, that also enters into how we lose weight.
    50% carbs is absolute hogwash, and so is the demonization of fat (saturated fats in particular, as consumption of saturated fats is the most effective lifestyle intervention for raising HDL cholesterol, which is CVD protective). I totally agree with the previous comment that carb intakes at that level are a recipe for obesity, as well as Type 2 diabetes.

    The author is "toeing the party line". Do a little research into who is funding these multiple associations and researchers she lists at the bottom of the article (I can guarantee the agricultural lobbies have a significant hand in this, as well as the pharmaceutical industry).

    YouTube has a great documentary called "My Big Fat Diet", shows the results the people in a very overweight and diabetic community achieved by increasing their fat intake and reducing their carbs. Many were able to reduce if not discontinue their medications in a very short period fo time.
  • This is confirmation ...thanks
  • Exactly! That's what I've been doing since 2006. More protein (which translates into less carbs) is the foundation of all low carb diets.

    When I started higher protein, I went overboard on protein for a few days, then I started to eat less and less, I just didn't want more easy is that?
  • 50% carbs is a recipe for obesity
  • I forgot to add full fat organic diary (raw when I can get it) to what I eat to stay healthy. And lots of organic veggies of course, but very little fruit.
  • High fat, medium protein and low carb keeps me slim and healthy. By high fat I mean at least 50% from avocado, coconut & olive oils, nuts, organic lard and fat from pastured animals. No sugar, wheat or corn!
  • Interesting study findings, but not really a very good research project design if the goal was to find the optimal balance of macro-nutrients. That would require trying various ratios of all three, not just protein and fat - so really potentially misleading. For the last year, I have been eating with a much lower carb ratio - around 20-30%, fat at around 50% and protein (mostly animal) at around 20 - 30%. I have lost 60+ pounds, have way more energy, sleep better and am generally healthier - I know that is an n=1 situation - just saying, based on the article, that presumably accurately reflects the research, it didn't tell us anything useful and may have been harmful if people take-away that the proof of the research is we need to consume 50% of our diets in carbs - that was not the finding.
  • Why this constant obsession with just eating egg whites?
    OK I realise that the yolks contain more calories than the whites, but even then the average egg only contains about 70-80 calories - and what a fantastic source of all things good, not just protein but a host of other nutrients your body needs.

    I just think eating only egg whites and discarding the yolks is a criminal waste of good food.

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