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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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    I would add wrist weights and ankle weights to the equipment list. I do many aerobic and/or walking videos while wearing wrist weights to increase resistance and calorie burn.

    Also, your local library and Netflix are good sources for exercise videos. Both are good choices for trying out a workout video before buying, and for people who get bored doing the same workouts over and over. At my library, I can borrow videos for 3 weeks. Netflix has quite a selection of videos, unfortunately, very few are on streaming.

    Your local PBS TV station may have exercise shows also - mine has yoga, pilates, and strength training shows. And, don't forget Youtube.
    I too enjoy the viedos and the step by step instructions so I can get it right. My question is how do you know how many calories you burn when you do these excerises? Is the a number of sets I must do to achive that number? I'm using a resistand band (which is tied to the bottom of our couch). I can feel the burn when doing the leg excerise and I know it's doing some good. But how do you count this into your workout/excerise? Thank You.
  • I haven't the budget for a gym membership, nor budget and room for much equipment. I do have a nice exercise bike I picked up at a yard sale. I have a small collection of accessories: 2-5 lb dumbells, resistance bands, an abs roller that my husband bought and never uses, a jumprope that I hope to be able to do eventually, and a brightly decorated hula hoop thanks to a creative daughter. I have a couple of DVDs, one of which I won from SP! and between them and the wonderful SP videos, I've got plenty to keep me busy. Not to mention that a walk or bike ride is always an option as well.
  • Yep! And you can easily add an indoor track to that. I don't have a large house but I can walk a mile indoors by doing laps from room to room and circles around chairs and footstools, the island in the kitchen, etc.
  • I find videos and/or fitness games are an excellent investment as well. Especially for us small-space dwellers! (I get a good sweat in quite often in my one bedroom apartment).
  • I just have to say that I lost 55 pounds working out from home. I bought a mini stepper and took advantage of the videos on SP as well as you tube. I just recently joined the gym AFTER reaching my goal weight ....more for the "final touches"!!
  • Our treadmill gathers dust in our basement at the moment, and I have threatened to use its handrails as a yarn swift (for balling hanks of yarn). Now that I am following SP I have decided that, rain or shine, I will put in at least 15 minutes on the treadmill every day--more time if it isn't nice enough to enjoy a 30 minute walk outdoors. I will use the treadmill to build my strength, as I am rehabbing after knee replacement.
  • A great investment was my treadmill. I have been using it to get me back into exercising. Because I work 12+ hr days I get to jump on it, then shower then go to bed in the evening and not loose time commuting to the gym. And how much money have I saved? A,LOT!!;-)
  • A great investment was my treadmill. I have been using it to get me back into exercising. Because I work 12+ hr days I get to jump on it, then shower then go to bed in the evening and not loose time commuting to the gym. And how much money have I saved? A,LOT!!;-)
  • You guys gorgot the workout videos there are some good out there...
  • A friend of mine, who is an avid Goodwill shopper, picked up a Cardio Glide for $12 yesterday. I've already begun working out on it when I fed the dogs last night. My new incentive???????
  • I prefer gyms, but find that I tend to go only when I´m trying to loose weight and in spurts.

    However we do have a treadmill, an elliptical, and my dear hubby just bought a TV so that we can do rumba at home. I tend to use these machines quite frequently. The convenience is well worth the investment.
  • Great incentive to get things moving here at home. I'm renting, and for now have a HUGE basement where I've considered putting down padding for exercises. Figure I could do it while waiting for my laundry, although up & down two flights of steps to get to my washer & dryer is exercise in itself! After reading this, I think maybe I could spring for an elliptical, which is my main attraction at the gym. Then I could get cardio daily, and hit the gym for strength training (it would take years to be able to afford all those machines!).
  • I bought my treadmill ten years ago for $350 brand new on Closeout from ShopKo. It is a Weslo and I love it! I have put many, many miles on it and it still works great. Craigslist is a good place to get inexpensive equipment. I got my Orbitrek on Craiglist. If you have a routine and a set time in which you exercise everyday, a home gym is great. The days I can't walk outside, I use my home equipment. I often watch TV while walking on my treadmill too.
  • I went through the list saying "got that, got that, I can make that happen easy with stuff I already have."

    Got to the universal gym. Had one. The thing was so huge it took up my entire cellar. It was a monster. I have a membership at the Y so I got rid of that beast. It was free to me and it was free to the guy who took it from me.

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