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Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 2

Psychological Challenges: The 3 P's of Failure


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Maintenance is so much harder than we think Report
Oh my gosh. I saw myself so much in this article. It is also how I can justify my food binges by saying "I will always be fat, I can't control my eating..." But the new me has just lost 93 lbs, gained back 5, and taken control again believing that I CAN maintain this weight loss. It won't be easy and it will be life-long but the benefits of success so outweigh the results of failure. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Oftentimes maintaining the new weight is harder than reaching it because the goal is alongside you rather than being on the horizon and being strived for. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
More of a pleasant problem than having to start over. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great article. It's as if you were talking directly to me. Apparently I am not alone. Report
Nice series of article. Report
It's true, people find it hard to accept compliments. Learning to feel worthy is very important. Report
I've always known that I was an emotional eater. That's why telling someone to just eat less and exercise more doesn't work in the long run. I like sparkpeople, because they get that what goes in my mouth is always dependent on what's going on in my mind. Report
Great article. If I let things stress me out I will eat alot. So I just put those things behind me now and do me. Report
I liked this article. It reinforces that your MINDSET is the 1st step to a positive healthy lifestyle. Get healthy, happy habits in place & the body will naturally follow....I know, its workin for me!!!! Report
This is a good article! I have a tendency to make myself crazy when I haven't exercised enough during the day. I am so hard on myself--I wouldn't be that hard on anyone else. Sometimes it bothers me, but last night I was feeling anxious because I should've exercised in the morning like I usually do. Anyway, I thought, well, I guess I messed up today. Oh, well, I guess I'll make sure that I make up for it tomorrow, and then I went to sleep. :) Boy, that was a good feeling. I just let the feeling pass--that was hard--and I moved on. I call it a "do-over"!

Banan87, you're right, people tend to shut others out during this time--I do this too, but then I realize, hey, don't take it out on them! Of course, sometimes it takes a little longer to figure that out.

Today, I woke up and worked out, and I felt better overall. It's a process, and I'm still learning. :) Report
This article seems to really apply to me, bc forgiving myself is hard. Usually it's not that one bowl of ice cream or one cupcake that will cause me a lot of anxiety and feelings of failure. If I'm feeling guilty for eating something I thought would taste satisfying, but since it caused me to feel bad the treat eally wasen't a treat. I realize that I'm on the right track to eating healthier and next time I am faced with a temting treat I can think twice about how I'm going to feel afterwards. It's when I've made other mistakes in my life, have other feelings of guilt and failure that lead me to overindulge in such things as eating a whole pint of ice cream and pizza. When I'm worrying and feeling that negative it's harder for me to get back on track and reverse the negative thought patterns. It is all in how each of us think of things. Report

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