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Guide to Herbal Supplements

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  • As we speak government and drug companis are trying to take away our rights to use herbal supplements. They are trying to take the rights away from educated health care professionals from using them. Big Pharma is Big Business and they don't like that herbal supplements are making their way back into mainstream.

    People need to stop depending on others to educate them. Go out and educate yourselves. Stop riding around in neutral and listening just to what your doctor and pham. says. You are intelligent people, use that intelligence.
  • Thanks you for posting this article. So many people take herbal supplements/remedies, and assume they are completely safe, because they are herbal.
    A large number of medications on the market begin with with herbal natural ingredients. Chemotherapy drugs can be derived from common plant materials, and we all know what chemotherapy does to people.
    We hear every day about new studies and data that indicate medicines and supplements are not as effective as thought or have negative side effects.
    As with anything we put into or on our bodies, be careful and aware of the risks/benefits.
  • Dong Qai cured what a D&C and birthcontrol could not.

    Sometimes treating "serious" medical conditions the alternative way is the best way. I take offense to someone telling me DO NOT do this when this is MY body. Natural remedies are usually the best ones, not chemical-laden drugs the pharmaceutical companies want you to spend money on.
  • Attention! Saint John´s Wart is known to interfere with birth controll pills and to heighten light sensitivity. Be sure to take measures to stay safe when using it.

  • Great info! God did provide all we need to live a healthy and productive life.
  • Does anyone know abt a product named Under Way?
  • I would like to point out that consulting your Pharmasist may be a better choice than your Dr. as they tend to be better informed on drug interactions. My Dr. is very nice but had my pharmasist not caught it, I would have had a very bad reaction to the medicine my Dr perscribed for my cold due to a med I was already taking for another condition.
    You're right about the industry not being controlled. I've researched and am very comfortable utilizing Shaklee supplements and products because of their 3rd party scientific proofs and their safety and efficacy commitments for 50 years. No other company has these standards.
  • Totally agree with Powerzone

    We all have choices, even to disagree with our doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.
  • I appreciated this article and the links it included for more information. Personally, I'm wary of drugs of any kinds, including pharmaceuticals. Actually, I'm especially skeptical of pharmaceuticals -- my husband and I love to point out all the commercials for new drugs that leave the whole "diet and exercise" element out, which is nearly all of them. If I can get healthy and stay healthy through diet, exercise, and maybe a supplement here and there, I'm happy. Either way, resources are good.
  • NJ_HOU
    I agree with POWERZONE. According to the Harvard School of Medicine, at least 200,000 to upwards of 300,000 people die from drugs prescribed by doctors while under a doctor's care. My husband was one of these. You should educate yourself and ask questions of any remedy you use.
  • BESSIE1950
    thanks for letting me know that some herbal tablets can have side effects as my doctor has just told me that i have liver damage betty mcdonald
  • I rely on Shaklee supplements; they are tested, proven and unconditionally guaranteed! Love em!
  • The truth about herbal supplements is that they are safe. Use common sense, consult with a herbalist if in doubt.
  • Very good article; as a health care professional I often meet people who are taking a multitude of herbal supplements without realizing the potential health risks associated with them. Just because it is labeled "Natural" or "Organic" does not make it safe. Often these supplements come from unregulated factories where you have no idea how clean the facilities are, how much of the "active ingredient" they are putting in their concoctions or even if they are putting any in at all! Prescribed medications have been getting a bad rap over the last few years but individuals taking herbal supplements have to remember that their prescribed medications were originally developed from "natural" remedies and by taking a herbal supplement you could be taking a massive overdose of your medication without even realizing it. Be cautious everyone and ask lots of questions before you start to take any supplements.

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