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No Pain = BIG Gain

Is Your Exercise Program Wearing You Out?


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  • The advice given, to me, a long-time exerciser, is sound, practical and can be implemented with just a small amount of discipline. And it works. Trust me....
  • Sometimes, we can be all in, however, we need to check with our doctors and listen to our bodies. God info and thanx!
    Good article, my attitude in life has always been if a little is good, a lot is better. It was always in my eating and I just carried it over to my exercising.
  • Excellent article, esp. important for those just starting out after a long time of inactivity. It's easy then to over-train, even if you're not doing all that much. Then people get injured or just give up. Thanks for such sensible, useful advice!
  • Great article and much needed - thanks for sharing
  • Thumbs Up!!! Great advise Jen !!!
  • Great advice. I felt blah today but did my workout anyway. I didn't do it full out, like I would when I have more energy. Tomorrow is my recovery day and I still need to get outside, weather permitting, and do a leisure walk or bike ride. Just something so I don't eat everything in the house.
  • I think I needed to read this. I went from not exercising at all to doing 40-60 minutes every day. I hate taking days off, but I guess this is a good way to remind myself it's ok to take it easy some days and just take a walk instead of going on the exercise bike.
    I wish I'd read this sooner! My values of never giving up and discipline coupled with a high pain threshold, has resulted in me being badly injured and unable to do even household chores! I love exercising and the buzz I get from pushing myself, but after a month of being able to do nothing more than walk and cycle, I really wish I'd been able to rest more..
  • Thanks for sharing but this is not something that I'll have to worry about.
    I probably should aspire to it. :-)
  • I definitely needed to read this - in July I started from doing NOTHING, and jumped into hitting the gym hard (twice a day, an hour each time, split between lifting and cardio), which I managed to keep up for about 9 weeks. The problem was, I was just worn the heck out. Between the increased calorie burn and the reduced calorie intake, I lost 40+ lb, which is great... but I was feeling stressed / frustrated that I wasn't losing as fast anymore, and felt that my workouts weren't paying off, *and* was starting to get down on myself for being lazy.

    I dialed back for about a week, and feel much better now. I'm still going twice-a-day during the week (lunch and evening), but weekends now have me cutting back to once a day plus doing some kind of "active recovery" (housework, walking around my neighborhood, etc.)
  • I'm glad I read this article. My body has been hurting this week and maybe I am over doing my cardio. I did Zumba 3 days in a row but on day two my body felt REALLY tired and day three was no better. I think I am going to start doing that every other day because high intensity Zumba is kind of hard on the body and those in between days can help repair whatever is needed.
  • I'm a sick puppy, I enjoy a little muscle soreness. I'm not talking, can't walk soreness, or even everyday soreness; just a little "Ugh" every now and then to remind me that I just did an awesome workout.

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