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Top 10 Reasons to Drop 10

Motivation to Lose


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  • 10 very good reasons
  • Wonderful article!
    It’s doable, every time you try it.
  • It is amazing what a 10 lb weight loss does to improve your health.
  • I am 5 pounds from goal,so I have about 4% weight left to lose. I have always eaten only when hungry, even when a teenager. It might be something not considered healthy, but do not eat other times. I do eat in front of the T.V. as I live alone, so more housework to do,so I do not have time to do one thing at a time most days. If I eat a snack like I did today,small rice chips, I had 13, it was 100 calories, I did not put them in a container to make more dishes, I count them as I eat, same with other small snack foods, like snack crackers etc. I eat snacks & meals in front of the T.V.I measure food before cooking it. I make enough for 1-2 meals and if 2, I do not remeasure to divide the product exactly in half but I measure foods before I eat. I do not have or need a kitchen scale, if I buy 1 pound of meat & divide in 4 portions it is close enough for me. I have lost 50 pounds doing this in 21 months,mostly on my own. I exercise 10 hours per. week.
  • Wonderful article!!!
  • Great incentives to lose 10lbs.!
  • Going for another 10%!
  • Great suggestions!
  • Great article and I've lost my 10%
  • If you won't believe in yourself, why should anyone else?
  • I'm struggling today because I didn't get enough sleep last night. I stayed up talking some political points with my daughter, and next thing I know it's a quarter to midnight! I've been doing SO WELL on getting to bed before 11pm for the past few weeks, so today I am REALLY feeling it! I'm guzzling coffee and just had a cream-filled donut - not good choices, I know. Also, the bit about "mouth hunger" is a good one. Sometimes if I see it, I want it and can't stop thinking about it. I'm still working on that one. Losing 10% of my weight would actually put me at my goal weight of 135 lbs, sounds good but SOOOO not easy. I've been trying for over a year and have made such little progress; nights like last night & attitude like this morning sure don't help! Oh well, at least lunch & dinner will be healthier than a donut. Try to get in that run this evening (probably a slow run, but better than nothing), and then get to bed by 10:30pm tonight. Hopefully that will give me a clearer head in the morning....

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