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Top 10 Reasons to Drop 10

Motivation to Lose


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Thank you Report
Thank You for the reasons to drop 10. They are all good. Report
Great tips! Thank you! Report
Great reasons and article. Report
I appreciate the article! I regularly try to help women (and men) understand the importance of good diet. But it goes in one ear and out the other. People won't quit smoking, and won't quit food addictions even when faced with life threatening disease. I don't quit though, just in case there's someone out there who's willing to do what it takes to recover their health. Report
10 very good reasons Report
Wonderful article! Report
Great article! Report
It’s doable, every time you try it. Report
It is amazing what a 10 lb weight loss does to improve your health. Report
I am 5 pounds from goal,so I have about 4% weight left to lose. I have always eaten only when hungry, even when a teenager. It might be something not considered healthy, but do not eat other times. I do eat in front of the T.V. as I live alone, so more housework to do,so I do not have time to do one thing at a time most days. If I eat a snack like I did today,small rice chips, I had 13, it was 100 calories, I did not put them in a container to make more dishes, I count them as I eat, same with other small snack foods, like snack crackers etc. I eat snacks & meals in front of the T.V.I measure food before cooking it. I make enough for 1-2 meals and if 2, I do not remeasure to divide the product exactly in half but I measure foods before I eat. I do not have or need a kitchen scale, if I buy 1 pound of meat & divide in 4 portions it is close enough for me. I have lost 50 pounds doing this in 21 months,mostly on my own. I exercise 10 hours per. week. Report
Wonderful article!!! Report
Great incentives to lose 10lbs.! Report
Going for another 10%! Report
Great suggestions! Report

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