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  • I have had an aha! moment reading this article this morning! I'm setting a 10% weight loss goal as my next achievable weight loss for 2010. As I am in a wheelchair, it will take as much effort for this as it used to take me to lose much more weight. I am committing to using my travel chair more, so I can "walk" myself from a sitting position and therefore, get in more exercise. 10% is such a do-able goal that I know I can do it, and will do it, by the grace of God! Amen!!
    I thought Becky's article was great.
    I think SparkPeople should be commended for having such helpful information available to us. I love this web site.
  • Was very glad to hear that I am approaching my problem in a correct manner. I had a Doctor's Office visit and mentioned that I had started this program and she was very pleased.

    On my own, I had lost 20 lbs in a year. I thought that was not really very good. She was very happy with it. After reading the article, I know why she was pleased. I told her I had just decided "diets" just don't work for me and I had decided to have a life change instead.

    It's working, thanks to the Good Lord!
  • This was helpful
  • This is a good article and I am hoping to achieve the top 10 with the help of SP!!
  • I have lost more than the top 10 but I still found this article extremely helpful. Losong it is only the beginning. I have lost that 10% many times only to put it right back plus more. BUT this time I am really seriously looking at the hunger issue. Eating when I am not hungry is something I am working with every day. If I am not truly HUNGRY and not just wanting to eat I control the issue and do other things that won't sabotage me.
  • The points made in this article are so true! I have lost 10% of my body weight since January (I started losing weight before I joined SP). The difference between how I feel now and how I felt then is like day and night. My BP is much better; heartburn that used to keep me awake all night is gone; and I am so much happier.
  • This was very interresting but i've always had a rough time losing weight but it's came to a time in my life where i am having health problems and i kno i need a change.but whats hard for me is buying the expensive things to lose weight,i was on weight watchers last year,but i do love this article about the 10% and also i'm a caretaker of my dad and my nephew and i'm a single mom of 1.So i can't buy all the expensive things ,but i have learned to watch all labels and to watch for items that ican substitute others for.
    i really liked thia artical and i hope to find someone close to where i live to go walking with. from littlelady123
  • This is an eye-opening article and I'm trying to save as a favorite so my fluffbuds can read it also.
    Wonderful article. I've always struggled with what I call 'palate hunger' vs. 'stomach hunger'.

    I used to keep a food journal, writing down every single thing that went into my mouth, including the time I consumed it and where I consumed it (what I was doing at the time). That helped me so much.

    When I stopped, I reaped the consequences. It's too easy to forget what I put in my mouth, so I'm starting the journal again.
  • Great article! The only part I didn't agree with was the "mouth hunger" vs. "body hunger" section. I think if you believe you need to wait until you are lightheaded and weak before you "allow" yourself to eat, you may not eat enough. Too many women starve themselves of calories with guilt feelings about eating at the "wrong times" or eating the "wrong things" for the "wrong reasons". The whole magic of SP, to me, is the simplicity of using each day's overall calorie intake and calorie burning to track your nutrition and promote weight loss in a healthy way. It has taught me that as long as I keep track of what I'm eating and how much, I can control my calorie intake without being harsh with myself or depriving myself of calories. (I did that a lot as a teen - and I think it is one reason that I gained weight as an adult, not wanting to go back to that harsh attitude towards food!)

    Otherwise, an excellent article, and a real reminder to get my weight control engine revved up for 2009.
  • This is an excellent article! I love how you got the advice from several experts--neat idea. There is so much good information in the entire article, but I'd have to say my favorite part was the part about "hunger versus non-hunger eating--" so true!
  • ANGEL_2009
    i enjoyed the article. i think the 10% is is great.
  • Hmmm, isn't it too late to drop 10% in 2007? If only there were a time machine for this; I'd drop all the weight I need to about 5 years ago, and be happily at goal since.

    But seriously, good article.

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