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Eating for a Healthy Heart

A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan


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Thank you for the information. Report
Doing these already. Need more consistency in getting them done. Report
This was a very informative article. Thank you. Report
Some good information. Report
I have learned so much through Spark's Nutrition tracker about my sodium intake. I love cheese and did not realize how much sodium it contains. I still need to cut back on my sodium intake. Report
Very delicious recipe. Tried to change with a variety tips Report
These are good tips and reminders.. thanks. Report
Great reminders! Report
You nailed it with this article! Great info, thank you! Report
I track my sodium to keep it below 1500. Report
thanks Report
Out of date info! Report
Still with the fat and cholesterol? Even the government guidelines have toned down the fat phobia but this site still writes like it is 1981. My cholesterol is never as low as when I eat higher fat and higher cholesterol. that is because when i do that I am eating far less sugar and other inflammation causing foods. We need to fight inflammation not micro nutrients Report
I needed to reread this article again. Lots of great tips that I had forgotten about. Report
This was a good article, though I knew most of the info given this helped organize it for me Report

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