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Eating for a Healthy Heart

A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan


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    Hi DELRIA59. I have had 4 heart attacks & a quadruple bypass. After the 1st 2, I didn't do much in the way of changing m eating, hence the 3 rd heart attack, and this past summer, I really enjoyed my beer, hence the 4th heart attack and congestive heart failure! My main changes now are trying to stay low sodium and staying away from saturated fat. Which basically means, no processed food and no fast food. I now eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and chicken. I think we can have mostly what we want, but we have to practice moderation and common sense. Something I obviously didn't do. Spark people has lots of good recipies as does the American Heart Association & Mayo Clinics web site. Good luck and stay strong...Alan
  • I want help from anyone who has had a heart attack and has changed thier eating habits. Please help
    Thanks, SGEONEW5, for adding your comments about fresh and frozen produce. I think you're on target. Oftentimes, frozen produce does contain higher levels of nutrients than fresh.
  • I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fantastic articles and blogs you post on nutrition. It would take me a lifetime to find all of this wonderful information from a million different places..that is..if I took the time to even search it all out. On SparkPeople it is right at my fingertips! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  • Great artical! I never consumed Wine before 2 years ago My OB/Gyn suggested a glass of wine at night it took me awhile to aquire the taste but now I enjoy my nightly glass. Not to mention the antioxitants our bodies need. I just make sure I have saved the room to the calories in my daily plan.
    Thanks for the great article....... this is the best website ever. I look forward to reading my 3 articles every morning.
  • I have a strong family history of heart disease, and really need to practice a lifestyle of prevention. Before starting SP, I got zero regular exercise, I was inconsistent with including healthy foods and supplements, and my fast food habit was so outta control that my total cholesterol had shot up over 300! I'm proud to say that now I'm doing MANY, almost all of those tips you recommended. SP has really helped me ease into new healthy habits and stay on track. Thanks, SP, for all your help.
  • Fresh might not be fresh, unless it's from a Farmers Market. Frozen veggies are flash frozen, and consistently hold the nutrients. Fresh produce deteriorates rapidly.
  • Alcohol can also cause cardiomyopathy. My husband used to think that alcohol only affected the liver. We found out the hard way that it can also damage your heart.
  • Just a question about the article's statements about eating FRESH veggies and not canned.....What about frozen...are those ok?
    Hurray for Chocolate!!!:)
  • Thanks for mentioning the grapeseed oil. I have some and will have to start using it.
  • I understand what you mean about depression. It took me to get medical help before I could get started, and finding SparkPeople and the support provided here is a very definite plus. Anyone who feels they must have something fried, or even if you make your own salad dressings or marinades, should check out Trader Joe's grapeseed oil. It's better to use than canola oil and has a higher flash point than olive oil for frying. It has a nice light flavor, and It's also good for your heart. I mix mine with balsamic vinegar for the dressing. It's great.
  • Thank You all for getting me to go again, when one suffers from depression its sometimes hard to get out of Bed
  • RWBW66
    Why isn't it allowed to eat an occassional meal like chickenfingers fried in Cranola Oil and one small order of fries without salt? I have a place that fries only in Cranola and will not put any salt on either for me.

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