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Eating for a Healthy Heart

A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan


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    I wish there was a way to share this article on Facebook and Twitter directly. Maybe SparkPeople can add those options to all their articles.
    Thank you for not pushing alcohol. As a family loaded with alcoholism I have been mortified by the push for alcohol consumption. I would much rather see my loved ones die at older middle age of a heart attack than destroy their lives and the lives of their children with alcohol, and then die early anyway.
    I echo PETESIS... We need to keep pushing the word out that it's not meat and fat that leads to heart disease, it's sugar and flour and the like.

    Thanks to MINDHORIZON for some good words of wisdom.

    I joined the anti-happymeal team two years ago. Fries and burgers turned in to greens, cabbage, beets, fruit, nuts, etc. I still eat mass produced meat, but I'm switching over to grass fed little by little.

  • I think this article is a real load of misinformation.... Same old "heart healthy" advice that has been proven wrong again and again... cholesterol in the diet does not translate into cholesterol in the body. And most all of sugar is an unnatural thing for human beings. The whole concept of what we consider a normal blood sugar level.... (spiking back and forth between meals and fasting) is a scientific disgrace . Todays dieticians are for the most part preaching mistaken information and we are fatter than ever before.
  • I'm pretty familiar with the do's and dont's for heart health. The tricky part is putting it all together consistently!
  • I'm thinking about grandma's heart today. She needs to be reminded by this article, how to take better care of her heart!
  • Low salt is difficult and requires monitoring closely. As I have had a heart attack I am supposed to limite sodium to 1500 mg/ I look very closely at sodium.

    For instance you can generally substitute frozen for canned (less salt but check the labels!) Use salt substitutes (there are lots available and the $1 store has a great one here). Check brands as well...some brands have less salt than others.

    I also shop at the Amish store in town....their Amish made products have less preservatives (if any) and generally less salt.

    This is not impossible, but also I look at the whole week or month. Once or twice a month I go over 2000....and that is pretty reasonable. (The days I cook with Soy Sauce---reduced sodium of course)
  • Unless you make everything you eat from scratch or only eat whole, unprocessed foods, it is almost impossible to keep to 2300mg of sodium each day, let alone 1500. How are we supposed to achieve this goal when the food industry is working against us?
  • Great article with some reminders that can be overlooked.


    : )
  • I am surprised that grape juice wasn't mentioned, as recently studies have shown it is actually better than wine for your heart!
  • Frozen vegetables can be a source of salt too, because some companies soak theirs in brine before they freeze it. Check the ingredient list, check the sodium on the label, be sure it's what you want before you buy it. I like T.J. Farms frozen vegetables, because they don't package their vegetables with any added sodium.
  • I am a 61 yrs old Phiadelphian. On March 2009, I was diagnosed with "Conjestive Heart failure". I'll never forget how tired I was the week before I was rushed to the hospital for breathing problems, and swollen ankles.
    This article is right about the fruits & veggies. Fish is good too. I have changed my diet dramatically since last year, but I had been eatin & exercisin all along. It was the stress that actually added to the heart trouble, so be careful not to get too stressed. You need to do more than just eat right & exercise, especially if you're over 50. Feel free to add me as your friend, so we can communicate.
  • chocolate, it has to be 72% or higher dark chocolate to get the nutrients noted in article
  • I just turned 61 and have had a very bad time the last several years. I am now committed to surviving and surviving well. Bad heart disease, stents, metabolic syndrome, depression. I even went off medication (very dumb!) but now have a dr's appt and plan to change my life. Used to think I couldn't do it and was a loser. I really think I have the right place to be in my journey now. With all the contradictory info on food and supplements it is very difficult to figure things out. So my start is plodding but seeing the kind of conversations above helps. Thank you, everyone!
  • My mom is in her early 60s and already has heart disease. She's been complaining of the symptoms for over 5 years so that put her at 50s for heart disease. I have read enough now knowing my chances of getting it just went up due to that factor. I am doing everything I possibly can to reduce my risks and to keep a healthy heart. I have a young son I plan on watching and help guide in his journey of growing up. Thanks to SparkPeople I am doing what I can for myself and now my family to ingrain healthier habits and reduce everyone's overall risks.

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