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Water Is a Secret Ingredient

Water: The Wild Card of Weight Loss


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Because I don't like the taste of our well water, I buy bottled water. I keep the bottles in a special place on my kitchen counter each day until I have collected 4 of them (64+ ounces.) Report
I find a way to get my 8 glasses in each day, sometimes more. Report
Thanks. Report
I like that other than water fluids are considered "water" intake. Report
I've gotta used to drinking a glass of water as soon as I wake up in the morning. My body needs it as I have not drank any water for 8 hours. It helps me wake up too. Report
"Once it realizes the water will keep coming, your body will get rid of the stores and you’ll lose weight!" Is this what people mean when talk about losing water weight? The weight loss is not loss of fat; it is loss of retained fluids. Thank you, I did not understand this before. Report
The more water I drink, the more I want. But once I'm out of the habit, it's SUPER hard to get started again. My problem is that we work in remote villages where there are sometimes not even outhouses available . . . and IF there is . .. well, hygiene is rare here. So on days when we're spending most of our time in the villages, I find myself lowering water intake for necessity. And . . . when I'm super busy attending others, I often forget to drink water. So . . . kind of a constant struggle for me. Report
Getting enough water is never my problem. Report
I get my water every day Report
I have no problem with drinking water. I meet my quota each day. Report
I really try to measure what I drink daily to make sure my water level is maintained. Report
I like reading this article. I just feel so much better when I drink water and I drink water all day. It is helpful and motivating to understand the importance of our actions.
AWESOME!! Report
Fortunately, I don't have much of a problem with plain water. I just, will be honest......I LOVE tea and drink many different types 98% if the day. Only organic teas: green types, medicinal ones as needed, and those that support the body in different ways. Some herbals. None are ever sweeten. Report
Some days it's hard but I try to get in6 8 cups a day Report
Thanks Report

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