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Water is a Secret Ingredient

Water: The Wild Card of Weight Loss


  • As a former triathlete, I carry a matter bottle that holds 3 cups of liquid and it fits in the bottle holder on my bike. The top pulls out easily with my teeth or my hands! :D Water does re-hydrate a person. My new habit is to drink 5 bottles worth of water during the daytime. i stop drinking after 9pm. - 3/24/2016 8:08:02 PM
  • I don't count anything but water for hydration. I think I'm getting enough. - 3/22/2016 10:59:40 AM
  • I'm surprised they haven't corrected the info about coffee. It is a myth that it is dehydrating and can be counted as water intake is what I have read. - 2/1/2016 8:34:54 AM
  • Drinking my water everyday and during my workouts. Hydrate - 1/27/2016 9:45:28 AM
  • Drinking lots of water helps with not eating too much - 1/19/2016 8:50:04 AM
  • It's not that simplistic for me at my age, but water is a basic necessity and I make sure to get at least 8 glasses each day. - 1/15/2016 1:51:21 PM
  • Thanks, Zabelina1 for your link to NYT article on water drinking. I will try to use water to quell my appetite before snacking, and slow up eating at meals. BUT eight cups a day seems to be an urban myth with no medical basis. - 1/5/2016 11:45:47 AM
  • Love this water article! I did not know water intake regulates your body temperature. So I need to drink more water to help with my hot flashes! A great idea! - 1/3/2016 8:47:43 AM
    I've been making it a point to have water in between bites when I eat. It not only slows me down (working in a school- you tend to inhale your food when on break) but gets me super full! - 12/14/2015 12:38:31 PM
  • I WILL START DRINKING MORE WATER - 12/3/2015 5:51:31 AM
  • Drinking water makes me feel so refreshed! I like it room temp so I can drink 2 cups at a time: 2 when I get up in the morning, 2 between breakfast and lunch, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the early evening. I drink 2 or more when I'm doing exercise or sweating. - 10/28/2015 7:33:23 AM
  • WOW I needed this article ~ thanks SPARK PEOPLE I think I have identified my 'problem' - 10/19/2015 5:43:03 AM
  • Just the message I needed today!!! - 9/17/2015 10:48:59 PM
  • When I was much younger my momma fussed at me and said my kidneys would blow away one day because I didn't drink water. Back in the mid 90s I gave up iced tea with meals and drank H20 it didn't take long I lost my taste for tea When I joined SP a few yrs ago and began tracking my water, I started making myself drink 16 oz b4 my 1st cup of coffee. Then I fill up a 24 oz bottle to take to the office. I keep 16 oz bottled water in the frig at the office so when the 24 oz is gone; I begin getting new bottles. I have developed a habit of drinking water all day now and I don't even think about it. - 9/17/2015 7:27:07 AM
  • I feel so much better when I drink plenty of water, now I get a slight headache when I don't drink enough. For me the problem has always been the water it COLD! Last year while in AZ I saw a local TV station present a piece on how to keep liquids cold (and safe) in their extreme heat. Once home I purchased a hydro flask and have never looked back...truly one of my better moves. Load it with ice, fill it up...water you add will be COLD all day. I purchased their handle and flip top to simply things, and I couldn't be happier. The 32 oz size won't fit in my beverage holder in my car, yet the seal on it is so good that it can roll around on the seat and NOT be a problem, other than being annoying. Oh, it is warranted for 100 years, NOT a salesperson...yet this product was a solution that has simplified my life annnnnnnd has me drinking plenty of water every day! - 9/17/2015 7:17:07 AM

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