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What Causes High Cholesterol?

Learn Which Risk Factors You Can Control


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good information. Sometimes heredity trumps all the dietary efforts. **SIGH** Report
good read Report
Thanks for the article! Report
I am overweight and my cholesterol is fine as long as I eat right. It is the same when I excercise than when I don't. However I have noticed that when my cholesterol was elevated....and I am just talking 205...barely
Over the 200 mark but way higher for myself than normal is when I had restaurant food instead of home cooked meals that weekend before my test. Unless you ate genetically inclined to have high cholesterol eating right should be all you need to do. Report
Good information Report
Thank You for the great information. Report
Cholesterol studies are showing it is not the "bad guy" it has been called for decades. Keep your eyes on the Washington Post; an article, based on science and NOT funded by the pharmaceutical companies, is soon to be released.

Cholestrol is absolutely needed by the body, and the brain shrivels up without enough. This no- and low-fat nonsense will stop, though not soon eough.

All these years we have been sold a pack of lies, not even based on true sciense. Correlation does not equal causation.

Still want to drop your cholesetrol anyway? Low carb, Folks, low carb. (Even in conjunction with high -- healthy -- fat, your LDL and triglycerides will drop.)

Disgraceful that this garbage is still being promoted. And ancient "news" should be stopped. Now. Report
good to know Report
Nice info to know...Thanks! Report
Great info! Report
Good info! Helps to know there are some factors we cant control thus able to concentrate on the ones we can choose. Report
If I didn't "treat myself" to what I believe is so well I would not be 3 out of the 5 controlled risk factors. In the uncontrolled risk factors I am 2 out of 4. I lean back and forth on my numbers but find when I am working out and eating right, I am right where I should be. I don't have high cholesterol but I guess if I didn't have Sparkpeople I probably would? Report
appreciate the information. Report

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