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Burn, Baby, Burn Those Calories!

How Many Calories Does Your Workout Torch?


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Great article Report
Great information! Thank you! Report
Very informative! Thanks Report
interesting Report
hubby and I do moderate walking every day - twice a day when the weather permits. Need to find some very low to NO impact cardio / aerobics that I can do with my disability Report
It would be really nice if I was a runner/ jogger but I am not. Just like to walk and dance. Report
I have to dust off my skates! Report
The amount of calories this article says you burn running 8.5 mph for 30 minutes is not the same amount the same exercise logs as in the fitness tracker.....hrrmmmm?? Report
I WISH we could save this article to our favorites, or at least print out that little chart!! Report
Now if ONLY I could RUN I would have this thing BEAT! Report
I honestly don't worry very much about specific numbers when it comes to calories burned. I do wear a heart rate monitor with chest strap, which gives me a pretty good estimate, but all this chart of the HRM gives is an ESTIMATE. All of us burn calories in our own way, and it's impossible to know exactly how many calories you burn with each exercise. Just like you shouldn't obsess over that pesky number on the scale, I think you also should not obsess about your calories burned.

So, instead, I rely on making sure I get plenty of exercise. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and switch it up between Zumba, Zumba Toning (w/weights), the weight machines, and the treadmill. I always make sure I get an hour's worth of exercise or more while I am there, and also that I work up a good sweat. When I don't go to the gym I spend 30 minutes-1 hour playing Wii games like EA Sports Active 2, Just Dance and Just Dance 2...or I go walking on the city's walking trail with friends. Report
I actually found this article very helpful. I do not see why a little information needs to necessarily "stress me out". Since weight loss is a matter of burning more calories than are taken in, having a guide of how many calories get burned in certain activities to me is helpful. I may never run at those speeds, but then I'm not going to play 30 mins of racquetball either. The one I didn't see here that I do frequently is biking - not stationary. Report
I agree with Philfan1 - why stress out about the numbers of calories burned when we do exercises? Personally, I feel I've accomplished something if I can actually get outside and walk for 1/2 an hour! If I can do that every other day, I feel good about myself. This is coming from a person (me) who is not very much into exercising. Oh, I understand the benefits, but it takes a lot for me to get out there and do it! I keep trying, and I am getting better. That's all I really care about. Good luck, all! Report
Where did they get these running/jogging speeds at? That is WAAAYYYYYYY faster than what I move at...

They should have named it Run, baby, run. lol =)

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