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Think You're Too Heavy to Exercise? - Part 1

Getting Off To a Good Start


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  • Great article. Looking forward to reading part 2 & 3. Thank you.
  • Loved your article. It's like you're in my head. Off to find part 2 :) .
  • I loved the article and got a lot of insights!
  • Thank You for a great article. I have shared it with several people.
  • Really enjoyed your up front talk. You are right. Its all excuses. Thank you for letting us all know you have been there and got thru it. I cant stand it when thing are sugar coated. It going to be hard, you are going to hurt, but if you don't DO it, it will get worst. Make up you mind, not excuses. Cant want to read Part two and three. Thanks again. Bless you!
  • I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my wife to go swimming. ~Rodney Dangerfield
  • I loved the article... but I wanted to add a few things.

    A LOT of people cannot afford the gym or places where they can physically exercise. So, here are some additional pointers that should be added.

    Silver Sneakers is available in almost ALL disabled medical insurance, which is a membership to the YMCA or a similar place where there is a pool available.

    MOST medical insurance provides some physical therapy, usually about 12 to 32 days each year. USE it, let the professionals tell you what to do to avoid hurting yourself. They physical therapist uses should focus on areas you are having trouble. Tell your doctor if you stopped walking around the block because your knee is killing you... etc. you can go to therapy and they will tell you how to fix it and stop it from happening again.

    ALSO, MANY physical therapy places, IF you are a patient, offer a discount to use the equipment when you are out of therapy hours with your insurance. It will be cheaper than most gyms. Ask around your area and the next time you have to go to therapy, go there.

    I can't "walk" around, God only knows how much I miss running and biking, but I am unfortunate enough that it isn't likely going to be any time soon that I can do those things. Organizations like the YMCA let you apply to get a discount. IF there is a local gym with a pool, ask about providing discounts or such and how you can apply to them.

    Don't give up, if you are limited, ask people for advise, ask the doctor, ask the physical therapist, see if there are options. I know so many disabled people who have no idea that they have Silver Sneakers which gives them YMCA membership. I also know that most people have no idea that the physical therapy centers offer discounts for their use after therapy runs out.
    I am 280 pounds and take Yoga and Tai Chi classes, work with weights and get in the pool. I don't like how I look but that is why I do it.
  • Thanks for the article!
  • Absolutely love this! I decided in 2014 to make a lifestyle change. It's frustrating when doctor's and trainers alike think you can actually do mountain climbers with at 300lbs complete with baby kangaroo pouch! I am the queen of modification and have slowly learned to not focus on weight but on actual physical goals that make me feel really good about myself. (i.e., .5 second plank turned to 10 sec, 20 sec, and now I'm almost to a full minute!) Planking is hard when you wight 250!
    Thank you for this EXCELLENT article. Rather than diving in, I'm getting my head straight first...but will not take too long to do that!
    Good job!
    Good article. Thanks for writing it.

    That second paragraph about, "What if I succeeded? Then I would have _? I definitely understand that sentence because I had in the last five months lost thirteen pounds but, gained them back within a month and half.
    I know one of my issues is stress; also, when people begin to take notice and compliment me on my weight loss. Hmm, where do I go with the compliments and the sudden attention? When one is obese he or she is used to the negative attention or no attention. This has happened before people start to notice and I get scared probably because I do not know where to go after all of the nice comments.

    Maybe I am thinking I had arrived? So now I can start slowly eating more of the incorrect foods and not exercising as much. I did better just walking than when I went to a gym. I became more conscious of the other people in the gym. I was usually the largest female in the room. Then you always have those who will show off by doing 100 reps on some piece of equipment and that can be intimidating.

    However, I will not give up. Every day we can choose to begin again.
  • Bless you for the frank talk. Able-bodied people who don't have health issues or have gone through traumatic medical procedures simply don't understand. I've had two open heart surgeries in the past six years, and just realized recently how much -mental- scarring I have that was having physical consequences. I feel like I need to start out "small" and just work my way up, not only in a physical sense, but in a mental sense to prove that I -am- capable of doing it without having something bad happen. THANK YOU.
    I just want to thank you for writing this! Best thing I've read in a while. What an inspiration to think of your success in where you came from. That's just simply AWESOME!

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