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Think You're Too Heavy to Exercise? - Part 1

Getting Off To a Good Start


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Great article..thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for the article! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great article Report
This definitely addresses many of the issues I had. Report
Excellent article with helpful information. Report
Totally love your writing style. You hit ti straight on, no sugar coating, it's bold and straight forward. Good advice for those that need a place to start as it can be very daunting for larger people. The other thing you're so right about is the lack of training by doctors. Not saying doctors are at fault, most don't study nutrition and exercise, their job is to heal, diagnose, etc. It's articles like yours that can help so many if they'll just take the time to read and have those light bulbs go off in their brains. Well written with timely advice for the epidemic of obesity that is happening globally. Report
Looking forward to reading the entire series - thank you! Report
Thank you for this article, looking forward to the other two! Report
Good info and Water Aerobics is fantastic and helps my knees. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Great article! Great attitude. I like the phrase "the difference between a challenge and an unsurmountable obstacle!!" Thank you. Report
Awesome... Report
Great article, even if it is very old. Looking forward to the other parts.

Two observations thought. 1. There were so many pop-ups that I was very aggravated by the time I finished reading. Many people would have stopped fighting them. 2. WHY are there a million pictures of delicious things to eat on the page? This is a site for people who are trying to eat in a healthy weigh, if not lose weight. WHY? Report
Thank you for the Info ... Report

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