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Find the Perfect Workout Shoe for You

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I appreciate the information! Report
Gives me something to think about the next time I'm out shopping! Report
I tend to buy cross-trainers even just for walking/jogging because I am underpronated (walk on the outside of my feet) and have done damage to my knees. Cross trainers provide more lateral support. Report
Great Advice..............Thank You. Report
Thank you for sharing this information!🌻 Report
Good advice. Thanks. Report
A man is incomplete until he is married.
After that, he is finished.
- Zsa Zsa Gabor Report
Good suggestions. Thank you. Report
great Report
I need a shoe that I can slid on my feet without fuss, that I don't need to tie because my fingers don't do that anymore, but do stay on and don't hurt when my feet swell like they are apt to do in hot weather. Report
We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.
- John F. Kennedy Report
I can't run any more so I see that I should wear a walking shoe per this article. Okay but I'd like an attractive walking shoe. I haven't seen one yet! Report
I have juried research citations which indicate that cheaper minimalist shoes cause fewerproblems than the over engineered, overpriced ones.Many of the problems "corrected" are not anatomical but are due to muscular weakness, correcting them with prosthetics only potentiates the problem, it does not correct it. Fault running mechanics are a major cause of foot and ankle problems according to the research. Report
Great suggestions!! Report
I walk barefoot sometimes Report

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