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Find the Perfect Workout Shoe for You

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  • What about aerobics and step? I have been searching for articles on Spark to help me find a good pair of athletic shoes for my aerobics and step activities and no one mentions it. Cross trainers?
  • I so believe in taking care of your feet. I am on my feet all day long at work & have so many friends at work that suffer from heel spurs. My mom also needed 3 surgeries on her feet for heel spurs. My favorite work out shoes are my Brooks Ariels. I also wear a different pair of shoes to work every day ex Dansko, Aetrex or MBT. Take care of your feet their the only pair you get!
  • So i have a high arched foot... anyone have any sneakers they recommend?
  • There's new Reebok shoes, I think they called EasyTone. Though, not sure if what they claimed is true, suppose to tone your legs and butts when you walk/run/jog with the shoes.
  • well that explains why my new pair of Asics didn't "fit right" when I replaced my older pair that i've had for two years. i got it on recommendation from women's health magazine and asked four different sports stores and three of them recommended the exact same thing the magazine did. they were so comfy! bummer i didn't buy five pairs when i had the chance. now my dilemma is finding my old pair of shoes.
  • Anyone try the Gravity Defyer?
  • What are your comments about the Shape-Ups?
    I'm looking for shoes now and this information will definitely come in handy. Thanks,
  • Great article, I never knew I had to have shoes for each activity. I ran into a shoe insert called walkfit. It works for me because I could not find shoes with a high enough arch. It has arch adjustments, and takes alot of pain off of my heels.
    This article provided some very useful information - I'm saving it, so I can refer to it when I'm shopping for my next pair of shoes.
  • Kiarrith, have you checked out the Vibram Five Finger Shoes? They're like barefoot, except there is a thin protection for the sole of your foot.

    I'd like to know what the author of the article thinks of these. Apparently once your feet are "in shape" by being allowed to function as if bare, you can ditch the orthotics and everything.

    My son has a pair and loves them. I've had life long orthopedic trouble so I'm cautious, but now that my hips are level (hip replacement!) I'm more willing to try things
    Should I use a walking or running shoe or cross trainer for walking/running on a treadmill?
  • TERRY250
    I want to support the idea of getting measured often. I wore a size 10 M for all of my adult life and just figured that shoes were meant to be uncomfortable. Finally a salesman insisted that he needed to measure my feet and we found that I was now an 11 wide. With the new shoes in the proper size, not only my feet felt better but the pains in my calves that I'd been having went away entirely. Poorly fitting shoes not only make your feet hurt but they can make the rest of you feel awful, too. And I, too, found that New Balance does a great job with wide sizes. My youngest who wears a EE gets his shoes there.
    I have a shoe issue I have never seen addressed anywhere. I wear a children's size 2 1/2 and I have yet to find a good walking or hiking shoe in shildren's shoes. Any ideas?
  • What is the general opinion on the Sketcher's Shape-Up shoes for fitness and weight loss?

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