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Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

Tips to Meet Your Requirements and Get Results


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  • I am "fat" but I hardly ever meet my minimum calorie goals. This seems unbelievable to people. It's difficult for me to even get 1,500, and people are like.. "But.. you're big"

    I think these tips are great, and I am going to try them out!
  • I too have had the same of the main things I do is to add things to my everyday items that I eat. Take a tossed salad for instance, I will add a hard boiled egg, or a can of drained/rinsed black beans. That way you are adding calories and healthy protein.
  • I find all these comments by people claiming to eat less than 1000 calories daily interesting. I have worked with many people claiming such low calorie counts, but when under supervision and with someone else counting, it is clear that some serious underestimating is going on. Calories burned, on the other hand, are normally overestimated. Yes, some people have slowed their metabolisms down, but it is still important to work with the correct numbers!
    I never ate much before, now it seems like that's all I do. It makes since but it is very hard
    This article kinda makes me angry. I only WISH that I could lose my appetite when depressed! If I was one of those people, I would look like half of an Olesen Twin! But no, I'm like an alcoholic that has fallen off the wagon. I will cram every morsel of food I can find into my face, even if I don't like it very much. I've been like this ever since I can remember. It's hideous.
  • Good article for those of us who are trying to maintain. I know I need to add calories now that I'm below my goal weight but my mind says NO!
  • Eat more tips makes no sense to me while trying to lose weight--can someone please explain how adding dairy or snacks to daily nutrition can help me lose weight....
  • This article is just what I've been looking for. I too struggle to get more than 900 calories, and if you try telling anybody that someone of my size is undernourished they laugh at you! But it isn't funny. My weight has been stuck for months. I've been told that eating more is really a dream diet, but it just isn't that easy to eat more when you're already full!! Thank you so much for your advice. It's a great help!
  • This is exactly what I needed today. I've been struggling to even get to 1000 calories a day!
  • CATE1488
    Thank you for this article. I know most people use Spark People to lose weight, but there are people trying to gain weight and this article is helpful.
  • NALZ1210
    wow what a great article.. thank you so much. read this a few days ago and have got my calories up. found out I was exercising to much and not eating enough. what a shock. feel so much better now. thanks...
    Just a little p.s. I am increasing my calories with healthy foods, not empty calories like candy or carrot cake, which I really want, but am unable to control how many slices I eat... The hardest thing for me to increase is my fiber. I may bake some whole wheat banana bread using Splenda. It's something to look into.
    I'm glad to see this article! I just rejoined SP. I found right away that I was not eating enough- not even above 1,000 calories! Eating 3 meals with 2 snacks is hard, but tracking my food is helping me get my calories up there. I am diabetic and have liver disease, so eating right is important. As soon as I began increasing my calories I lost several pounds that I don't think were water. Finally! I'm still trying to increase my intake (I need another meal per day) but I'm getting there and this is certainly helping!
  • This article made a lot of sense. I agree with some of the comments readers have left about adding sugar etc...But it seems to be a choice 'Between the devil and the deep blue sea'?! I've never had much of an appetite, but I'm sure I was slimmer before I started eating only healthy foods.
    I've struggled for years with my weight and am always being told to 'eat less'. Even though my daily calories would rarely go over 800 I'm constantly looked at with disbelief when I mention it. I actually took my food and exercise diary to my GP, after reading through it she told me I must be forgetting about foods that I've eaten and overestimating the amount of exercise. Even though I don't want anyone else to go through what I do, it's refreshing to find that I'm not alone. It's a shame that society automatically regards anyone overweight as being 'greedy', There should be more public awareness to the problems of not eating enough!!
  • Thank you! for this article!!! My husband is and has always been at least 10 pounds underweight and currently has a BMI of 17.7. He eats a lot of junk food and never gains weight. (lucky for now). But he's been searching for ways to gain healthy weight. As for me, I am in my healthy weight range but I rarely hit my DR calories or carbs. I think this is why I've been able to eat poorly and still stay thin- and the reason I signed up for Sparkpeople. I am looking for HEALTHY ways to maintain my weight. =]

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