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Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

Tips to Meet Your Requirements and Get Results


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I have a problem with no appetite and rarely eat. When I do eat, I for the most part eat very healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are among my favorite foods, and I eat other good foods as well. I just dont eat enough. Any suggestions Please. Report
Sometimes I become weary of meal planning and eat too little to not gain. The tips on adding calories are useful until I reorganize and plan meals properly again. Report
Thank you. You gave good suggestions for me on my road to weight gain. Report
It is nice to know we are not alone.
This has always been my struggle.
People look at me and automatically assume I eat too much because I'm "over weight" when in fact the opposite is true.
It was tracking my eating habits that showed me how little I was eating and no wonder I was over weight and sick. Report
I don't have a problem geting the right amount of calories but I do have a problem getting the folate I need and I eat salad,spinach and some type of green daily. Report
It's so good to hear there are other people out there who have problems hitting their calorie goals. The only days I get up into my range seem to be the rare ones when I have an Amaretto. Certainly not the way I want to add my calories, and not something I can do on a regular basis! I enjoyed the healthy suggestions for boosting calorie intake, such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. My problem seems to be that I have zero appetite and almost never feel hungry. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a group for people like us on Spark? Report
hello all i prepare my meals for the day in advance so i know how much i have eaten by what is in my food box.calories are counted and portions just makes my busy day so much easier.hen i dont stand aroud thinking of things to eat. or worryin that i havent eatten enough. try it. Report
Great article! Thanks a million for the ideas. Almost every day from my first week, I've been a couple hundred calories short of my minimum goal for the day. Hard to believe that a person following the guidelines otherwise to a "T" would need to be counseled on not eating enough. LOL. Report
Loved the article. The whole month I've been on SP I have had a hard time getting enough calories or nutrients. Gives some ideas to help, but I've also tried to just follow their meal plans almost and see if it helps. Report
I was very glad for the article! My goal is 1000-1200 a day and I usually have to eat something in the evening to bring up my calories! I am on a high protien diet, and the calories and carbs are usually low. Like another member said, I will take what I need from the article and leave the rest. I will not be adding sugar, gravy, etc, but will have some nuts and maybe a serving of peanut butter once in a while, maybe that will help. My calories have been averaging 950 or so a day, I've lost 3 1/2 lbs in the past 3 wks, so slow, but sure. I would like to pick it up a little though. Thanks for the article SP!! Report
I loved this article. I have always had a hard time eating enough calories and since starting SP and tracking know I don't eat enough calories. We are sometimes a forgotten group. Thanks SparkPeople for realizing some of us need to eat more than we use to in order to be healthy. Report
I loved this article! I find it very difficult to meet even 1200 calories a day. I have celiac's disease (inability to metabolize gluten (wheat starch) properly). I lost weight eating six small gluten-free meals (even though I was full).

Last year, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and started living on fruits and vegetables (more veggies than fruit) -- then I started gaining weight. I met with a dietitian ('cause I immediately thought I was overeating and needed to "diet").

She reamed me out and accused me of having a death wish and being anorexic because I was starving myself. I knew the accusations weren't true, but started keeping track of my calories to prove her wrong.

Well, she was right about the calories (I was lucky if I hit 500 calories). I have to basically eat all day just to get 1000 calories a day. (I did it today for the first time in months, and my husband teased me about spending all day in the kitchen.)

My problem is, I get full very quickly and I hate the over-full ("beached whale") feeling after eating. This article was most helpful. Thank you, SparkPeople! You ROCK! Report
I am glad to see this post, as I often struggle to get enough calories in each day. However, like several other posters, I was disappointed to see some unhealthy suggestions - adding sugar, butter/mayo, gravy, cheese, etc. While those options are high in calorie, I don't think they fill the nutritional needs that we have. The eggs, nuts, and avocados are better options -- would've liked to have seen more healthy foods that are also high in calories. Report
I'm glad for all of the advice in this column, I'm not only habitually short on my calories - I'm ridiculously low on my fats. There has been one day in the last 6 weeks where I actually got the amount of fats recommended by the tracker. As for calories - I eat 5x's a day and I'm still 400-500 calories short a day.

I think everyone needs to take the advice they can use and apply it the way they best can. I know that I will be ditching the low/non fat foods and maybe using 1tbsp mayo on my lunch sandwiches instead of 1tbsp nonfat Miracle whip - I'll up my fats as well as get the added calories I need. I will likely be swapping out full fat yogurt for non fat as well. Again, I need the fats. this will be on top of the flaxseed and avocados I use to up my fats (and still fall ridiculously short on). Raw nuts are cost prohibitive for me at this time so those are not an option.

Now if I could just figure out how to get my carbs up (also habitually low and I don't think I've made my target zone in 6 weeks) I'd be doing darn well Report
i don't usually have any trouble reaching my calorie goals - usually I have to be careful not to eat too much! But I don't have many foods I dislike so that makes it easy. Still I think the idea of eating more fruits & veggies helps put in extra calories as does eating (or drinking low-fat dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) I don't know how many people have heard of Kefir, but it's sort of like a yogurt smoothie, but has more probiotics than regular yogurt. Also, when I DO have trouble getting enough to eat I drink a Boost or an Ensure. They're not TOO high in calories & are complete nutrition. Report

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