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What is ''Normal Eating''? --Part 1

Test Your Knowledge with the Normal Eating Quiz


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  • What is crazy to me is that when I tell my husband that if he eats a meal in the evening it will metabolize the same way as any other meal. He thinks oh I can't eat this or that but he doesn't eat large meals... I just sit there amazed that he still sticks with this utter nutrition lie...UGH! SMH
  • Very informative! Thanks!
  • Very informative!
  • This article left me a wee bit confused on some, cleared up on other points. Guess what it comes down to is moderation and listening to your body. Also, research. Since I joined SparkPeople, I have learned quite a wee bit from reading articles as well as comments/blogs. The challenges major help!
  • This is another old article posted on this site....11 years old! Egads!
  • I was 4 out of 6. I was lucky most times.
    Honestly the wording was not very clear, if this gets done somewhere else. Please this was written for professionals and some of us are not pros.
    Make it simple so we can get some correct.Pat in Maine
  • I think this quiz needs multiple choice answers or more descriptive questions. I got very confused by the questions and even though I had answers like there are certain foods which should be restricted there was only a true or false answer to give! When I had finished the answers I gave were similar if not exactly the same as the answers in the article.
    Great article defo needs more concise answer options though!
  • "Problems such as emotional eating or poor impulse control may have led you to lose contact with this system over time. But you can reconnect with it and use it to establish normal eating behaviors and patterns that you can rely on, even while you are working to lose weight."
    As far as I know treatment for BED tells patients to NOT try to lose weight when learning to overcome their disordered eating. First stop the emotional eating and the poor impulse control - only AFTERWARDS, it is stated, can one - very carefully and slowly - try to lose weight.
  • TOUMIX23
    Very good article, thanks.
    There was a time not too long ago that I would have gotten most, if not all of the questions wrong.

    It's interesting to see the comments. You can see those that have had an epiphany, those that have had their intuition validated, and others still that haven't embraced the idea of Normal Eating. Everyone has to come to it in their own way at their own time. Unfortunately, not everyone will get to that point. Luckily though, many of us have or will and that IS something to celebrate! Food, ANY food, is not the enemy.
  • This is brilliant. I've always intuitively known this but always thought I was wrong. The more I listen and trust my body the more I AM doing whats right for myself. If we allow the diet industry to over ride our own voices we lose. Deep down we know whats best for ourselves
  • Well, dang. I'm disordered again. I got one of the questions right. I guess I better study up, then.

    *looks over meal plan and starts putting together everything on it for tomorrow*
    There are obviously good and bad foods. It is irresponsible to suggest otherwise.

    A fast food burger is one example of a bad food. It is coated in chemicals isn't just high in fat and calories, it has added chemicals for flavor, and hormones, antibiotics and pesticides from the cow was cared for.

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