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Tips and Hints to Deal with Shin Splints

Preventing and Caring for this Common Injury


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  • Great insight to dealing with a niggling problem!
  • I get shin splints in the middle of the night - app0aretnly the flat feet problem. Don't run or anything like that.
  • I like learning so I stay healthy when running.
  • Great info and will help when I get them, which is always.
  • Great article - warm up and stretching afterwards make a big difference.
  • I use to get shin splints a lot and they are very painful. I stopped getting them after I started performing stretches I saw a man recommend on tv. It's been several years so I can't remember the person. Anyway, what he said to do was to walk a little to warm up and then you go up on your toes, back on your heels and then roll you foot to the side, so you are bending it sideways at the ankle, toward the outside of your foot. I do it several times. You will feel this stretch right along the front of the shin. Sorry if my description is not the best. Once I started doing this it made a tremendous difference to me. Also I can do it while I'm out walking if I feel my shins tightening up. Hope this helps someone else.
  • A great article. I suffer from shin splints, therefore causing me to quit walking. Thank you for suggesting the video by Nicole for exercises.
  • In the Spark videos, Coach Nicole has a great, short stretching demo for preventing shin splints!
  • Since I was very young and played all sports, the best thing I found for shin splints, was always to move backwards.
    Our track and field hockey coaches made us run backwards.
    I will still occasionally walk backwards on the treadmill.
    Instant relief from pain - no pain after - shin splints are gone!!!
  • I find proper stretching before and after exercise makes such a difference. I don't do it well or often enough and I am trying to remedy that.
    Icing works, but I would do it for 20 minutes on, 30 minutes off x3 each day (Check this site how to do icing:
    l-ways-to-relieve-shin-pain-fast/). Try massaging the area as much as you like, take ibuprofen as it is a NSAID.

    And, honestly, I would go to a specialist and see why this is happening to you. It could be a simple and quick solution like wrapping up your foot before meets for now.

    Adding in more exercises to increase leg strength will probably also help you in the long run.
  • Great information. This happened to me when I was walking. I found that I walk fast and changing to a running shoe solved my issue with pain.
  • We've always been told a shin splint is the pain right down the front of the leg (shin), never the side of the leg.
    Thank you Spark for helping me identify this problem that I have been having exactly in that area. Now I can DO something about it. I am going into my 6th week of 1mile or 2 mile walks with Leslie Sansome. I was so glad to see Coach Nicole's body friendly stretch exercise this morning.
  • I personally found the worst thing for causing shin splints was jumping rope, which was a shame since it was a great aerobic workout for someone with a small house and little space to move during exercise. The prospect of getting shin splints scares me, since they seem to take forever to go away, and will really set back any effort at cardio fitness.

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