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3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Sabotage Your Efforts


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  • I really liked this article and have book marked it so I can revisit it when I need to. Thanks
  • Dean Anderson really knows how to speak my language. I know his articles have been around a very long time, and so have I . . . maybe that's why.
    This was a great article. Thank you for posting it.
  • CAMPER531
    i needed to read this today people say that they will so this or that and they don't and I am left fell sad. I am still in the I thought you said you would..... thank you for the article.
    I needed to read this today. Thank you.
  • Brilliant. Brilliant. The idea that the beast is a child is dramatically working for me. I now carry around a lightweight shawl (or at least a shawl/scarf). If I can find a quiet spot (even a bathroom) for a couple of minutes and sit wrapped in the shawl (a blankie?) I'm ok. This is a revelation.
  • Great article! I tend to over-blow simple things up, and use precious energy beating myself up, knowing it's not the end of the world, nor am I going to put on10 lbs over a cookie. This process will be especially useful at work with so much blame game. I'm quick to take blame and beat myself up about "another" mistake. Instead I should stop and analyze what the problem is, and if it even has anything to do with me. If it's not, then reject it. If it's my problem, then I need to determine whether I just didn't do it right, or whether this is a result of indecisive management. Often times, the situation is a learning opportunity.
    A game that can help fight negative thinking:
  • But if you removed all my negativity, I'd disappear.
  • This was RIGHT ON!!!
  • Really needed this article today. Yesterday was my husbands birthday and we splurged, going out for pizza with my husbands brother and wife, have Chinese for dinner. Have a piece of cake and some candy as it was his birthday. But knowing this morning we needed to get back on track! Thank You!
    This article was very helpful, and it can be useful on many levels. Although I've maintained a healthy weight for five years, I still make mistakes and hate the feelings they create. The advice about examining those intermediate and automatic thoughts is another step I can take to attain the healthy mind and body I seek.
    I've found that wearing a rubber band on my wrist helps with banishing negative thoughts and exchanging them for a more positive thought. Whenever I feel a negative thought come into my head or a negative feeling, I pop the rubber band on my wrist as a way to "wake myself up" , become aware of my thoughts and substitute it for a better one. You'd be surprised how many times a day you'll find yourself popping that rubber band! It's called Aversion Therapy. (I think) Give it a try!
    Very informative and empowering. I think this advice could change my life for the better. I've been struggling with negative automatic thoughts almost my entire life. Thank you for this article and congratulations on your achievements! You reinforced one of my favorite quotes: "It's never too late to be what you might have been"! A million thanks!
  • I will try this today! This rainy, dark day is not going to get me.
  • BETAB77
    I so need this today !! Feeling blue today...

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