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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

How Much of the Sweet Stuff is Hiding Your Foods?


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  • helpful resource link is broken - 9/17/2016 2:56:02 PM
  • I was told when I clicked on the link that I didn't have permission to view that. Otherwise, great article! - 9/8/2016 6:16:20 PM
  • Great article. - 8/27/2016 10:25:48 PM
  • Thanks for clarifying the sugar issue. Maybe if I visualize the sugar in that chocolate chip cookie, I can resist the temptation! - 8/24/2016 10:17:54 AM
  • Eye-opening article - 7/29/2016 10:31:18 AM
  • Great article. Sugar is in so many things these days, its is just terrible. - 6/18/2016 2:24:49 PM
  • Thanks JRSTERN29. I finally got to see the FDA article. - 6/17/2016 9:23:04 PM
  • I couldn't follow the link to the paper on the website, but with a little digging I found this article:
    s/ency/article/002444.htm - 6/17/2016 10:01:20 AM
  • I think the FDA has new labeling requirements regarding sugar, separating natural and added sugar plus a single total. These are either only proposed or already passed and awaiting implementation. Of course it was opposed by food processors. Sounds like a great idea to me, especially since as a personal choice I avoid all artificial sweeteners and even stevia and the sugar alcohols. I've lived long enough to hear - "it's safe, it's safe, it's been tested...oops, it's not safe" Reducing my sugar consumption gradually has been and continues to be my plan. - 6/17/2016 6:11:25 AM
  • I wish the big food companies wouldn't add sugar but let us do it on our own. Of course, then we wouldn't become addicted.. oh, I see. $$$$ - 6/1/2016 11:00:45 AM
  • Angel food cake is so light and fluffy that it seems to me a 4 ounce piece would be HUGE! - 5/19/2016 10:32:42 AM
  • I only use stevia as well. - 4/29/2016 9:50:56 AM
  • Really that much sugar in a ginger snap? The ones I've eaten are about an inch and a half across!

    I've sworn off any of the artificial sugars and just use stevia, which to my knowledge is just dried juice. - 4/28/2016 2:20:21 PM
  • Great info.
    My question is as a diabetic, which is better real sugar or sweeter like Equal. Always wondered. - 4/28/2016 9:50:31 AM
    The link on the article for more information from the USDA considered "forbidden"
    on the server? What gives? Am I the only one having this problem? - 4/28/2016 9:05:32 AM

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