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What is ''Normal Eating''? --Part 3

Eat Mindfully, Lose Weight, Be Happy


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  • interesting thank you
  • Mindfulness over mindlessness.
  • I think the biggest fail always starts when people get obsessed about certain foods and tell themselves that they deserve the treat. Or they say they did good because they kept to their calorie limits but all they did was to fill their body with empty calories.

    I believe true long term success is changing your mind/thoughts first because your body will always move in the direction of your thoughts. That is how I finally managed to see lasting results and I'm down 125 lbs as of this comment.
  • Thank you for a very interesting article. I keep reading it when it's being focused on and can continue to learn from it.
  • Proper eating has always been a downfall because I am not hungry all day. I want to eat at night when I am settled, chores are done, I can sit and work at the computer or watch some television. Since my last colon surgery I have worked hard to eat small meals 5 times a day but am truly forcing myself to do so, and I still want something to eat at night. The struggle is real but I will keep working at it.
  • I have read this article a few times before but I always take away something new each time!
  • I have been learning to really listen to my body. Now I do not have set meal times. I eat when I'm hungry and do not eat snacks except on rare occasions. This has worked well for me. Many times I only eat 2 meals a day. I am eating a Keto (Low carb under 20 net carbs a day) and its really been working for me. Cutting carbs out except lots of veggies and mainly green leafy veggies has tamed my hunger considerably allowing me to listen to my body and also only eat when I am truly hungry.
  • I am going to give this "experiment" a go. I do "think" I am eating mindfully, however, I know there are times when I truly am not. It would be good t journal and find the triggers!
  • Great information - I try to do mindful eating each and every day, but I could probably do a little better at times when I am stressed.
  • Great article. I would like to do the experiment soon. At this present moment, I have my hands in too many baskets! Thank you for the ideas. I will keep them in mind and also save the article to my favorites. Fine fodder for thought! Thanks again!
  • Good article. One topic never covered is how much your senses contribute to your sense of fullness. I lost my sense of taste with a head surgery. My weight gain came from eating right but never being satisfied. I finally went to a doctor who had also studied nutrition - and found that not tasting contributed to my constant "hunger" - and because I ate when I wasn't really hungry pounds came on fast and I didn't feel well either. Substitutes are not great but do work - sight (food has to look good), aroma (food has to smell good to you), touch (you need crunch, to get a good mouth feel etc. Arrange your plate attractively and make sure you have these groups represented. Eat slowly. Memory does the rest.
  • I try so hard for healthy but no will power.
    Did pass on donuts nut had 3 cookies
  • Looking at the comment by Brooklyn Born, I have to say that, yesterday, I was reading drink a whole water between bites as a strategy and today I am reading this approach - and I agree that it has to be "whatever works based on knowing ourselves" more than anything.

    Mindfulness is one of those key words lately. The thing is practicing mindfulness isn't always even practical. Family meals and holiday meals are almost never mindful meals and if you eat lunch with coworkers, that isn't mindful either. You have to choose between mindfully paying attention to the people you are bonding with or the food. And, if you are working, most snacks come at times when it isn't easy to stop the whole world to eat one either - again you have to choose between being mindful about focusing on work or on the food.

    Keeping track of what is eating works better for me than trying to do that process.

  • I really like this article and think that it makes really valid points with great advice. Another poster mentioned about not trying it during crazy weeks - with 3 busy teenaged sons, most weeks during the school year are crazy with activities, etc. Still, even trying to be mindful and implement what parts I can help to make me aware of monitoring true hunger versus needs/cravings/etc.
  • I totally understand the intent of the article. Making us think about how we eat is a good thing. HOWEVER, for me while eating alone, I AWAYS do something else between bites. Right now I'm typing this during my morning snack. I can't eat if my fingers are typing. Breakfast and lunch follow the same pattern. If I just sit by myself and think about chewing my food, I feel weird. Dinner is with DH, so no other distractions then. Think about it, find what works for you. In my 6th year of maintenance, I'm an expert on ME, only me.

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