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What is ''Normal Eating''? --Part 3

Eat Mindfully, Lose Weight, Be Happy


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  • I have to be very mindful about chewing thoroughly (actually incessantly) before I swallow due to some stomach issues I have.
  • I have to take Prednisone for the rest of my life. One of it's side effects is it makes you hungry. Thirty minutes after you eat you are really hungry. By meal times I am starving. So I use portion control and that works most of the time.
    I keep track of everything I eat.
    I log everything I eat, WOW.
  • I like that he mentioned "impulsive" eating. I am mode mindful of impulses to graze by stopping it before it starts. Dr. David Kessler taught me that I have to have food rules and stick to them. Yesterday, I came in contact with a food I would norma─║y start munching on and continue because I can't control myself. I even picked some up and said, "I'll just eat 5 or 6." But my mindful brain said, "No, you won't and then you'll keep wanting more. Just don't even eat the 5 or 6." It worked.
    I am being taught to learn to listen to my body, it speaks to me.
  • interesting thank you
  • Mindfulness over mindlessness.
  • I think the biggest fail always starts when people get obsessed about certain foods and tell themselves that they deserve the treat. Or they say they did good because they kept to their calorie limits but all they did was to fill their body with empty calories.

    I believe true long term success is changing your mind/thoughts first because your body will always move in the direction of your thoughts. That is how I finally managed to see lasting results and I'm down 125 lbs as of this comment.
  • Thank you for a very interesting article. I keep reading it when it's being focused on and can continue to learn from it.
  • Proper eating has always been a downfall because I am not hungry all day. I want to eat at night when I am settled, chores are done, I can sit and work at the computer or watch some television. Since my last colon surgery I have worked hard to eat small meals 5 times a day but am truly forcing myself to do so, and I still want something to eat at night. The struggle is real but I will keep working at it.
  • I have read this article a few times before but I always take away something new each time!

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