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Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Have You Made the Change?


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  • Excellent article. I have been "dieting" instead of changing my lifestyle. This time it will be different.
    Thanks for sharing

  • i have been struggling getting our of the diet way of thinking abd Remember its life style changes .
  • Great article. Since making a lifestyle change, I have been better able to maintain healthier eating habits and through Sparkpeople have learned ways to substitute without eliminating some of my favorites "guilty" pleasures.
  • Wonderful! After many years on Spark I have finally started to gain a better attitude to food and dieting and here it all is - and more - crystallized in this great article. I keep a small file of hard copies of thoughts and blogs/articles that especially encourage me and this is definitely going into it. Thank you.
  • WOW, Here I thought I came to these conclusions myself and found the magic to getting and maintaining the new found weight loss and health I have achieved. I could have written this article and stated almost the same things in my blog. Dr Dean is so right and I am happy I understand this well and have already applied it to my life.
  • Great article. My wife keeps telling me that I do not need to be on a diet. I have to teach myself the difference between a diet and changing bad eating habits.
  • Thank you so much for this article! It is just what I needed to hear. This will be very helpful to me in my lifetime journey. I am planning to write out my mission statement and read it often.
  • Essentially what he is saying is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. You have to decide what you want have the cake, or to eat it. I look at it this way, I need to learn to fuel my body on an everyday basis. I can socialize and indulge, within reason, once a week or twice a month, but I cannot eat the cake every day if I want to have the cake in my hand every day (cake in hand = health and well being, and a healthy weight).
  • I appreciate the wisdom in Dean Anderson's articles. Having admitted this, my behavior with regard to food and exercise was so out of whack that at 5'2" I weighed 285 lbs. I lost sight (if I ever even knew in the first place) of what are healthy portion sizes, how much exercise and what kind is needed, what would fit with my life circumstances.

    I've needed the comfort of a rigid menu (diet??) and evolve an exercise routine to learn the new behaviors, and get some immediate relief from the health meltdown I was experiencing. I think this article is a vision for me of the healthy mindset I am working toward. But right now, with 43 pounds lost and over 120 to go, it feels too frightening too me. I'm not stable enough in this new life to be easygoing with it yet.
    dieting is a way of lifestyle c hanging.
  • MLIAN2
    Ironically, giving up dieting was key for me when I decided that I needed to lose weight.

    I realised that food was my problem -- it was how I was using it that was causing so much pain and damage to my body and self esteem.

    As a result, I lost 22 pounds and have kept it off simply by changing why, how and when I ate. Here's how I did it:
    Good article! For me, one of the solutions of not being a number anymore was to throw away the scales and trying to stifle the calorie calculator that, after a life long of yoyo dieting, has become firmly planted in my head.
  • Loved the article,Thank you.
    Yes! More please. This I can use a second healthy serving of.😁

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