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Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Have You Made the Change?


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  • I enjoyed reading this article, I would like to make a Life change because I would like to keep the weight o
  • I love Dean's articles - they always make so much sense. If I could have a healthy relationship with food it would make all the difference in my success! And things have changed in that regard - for the better. It takes time and patience and the patience is sometimes in short supply. This process takes work and constant vigilance and I get very weary of the whole thing - but, that's the way it is, so I try to get back with the program when I fall off and Dean's articles always help. Thanks, Dean!
  • Took me 5 years to understand this difference, but I made it!
    I've always hated the word diet, my new word is lifestyle change.
  • This is a true article. Eating healthy and exercising is a change in life which will help me reach my goals. It can not be a for now thing it is a life choice.
  • Very true! I'm in the process of becoming a nutritarian and for me that's a pretty huge lifestyle change.
  • Yes, dieting doesn't work! It's a lifestyle change!
  • Excellent article. I have been "dieting" instead of changing my lifestyle. This time it will be different.
    Thanks for sharing

  • i have been struggling getting our of the diet way of thinking abd Remember its life style changes .
  • Great article. Since making a lifestyle change, I have been better able to maintain healthier eating habits and through Sparkpeople have learned ways to substitute without eliminating some of my favorites "guilty" pleasures.
  • Wonderful! After many years on Spark I have finally started to gain a better attitude to food and dieting and here it all is - and more - crystallized in this great article. I keep a small file of hard copies of thoughts and blogs/articles that especially encourage me and this is definitely going into it. Thank you.
  • WOW, Here I thought I came to these conclusions myself and found the magic to getting and maintaining the new found weight loss and health I have achieved. I could have written this article and stated almost the same things in my blog. Dr Dean is so right and I am happy I understand this well and have already applied it to my life.

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