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Soda Drinkers Beware!

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I feel that they should ban it in the schools. The children most likely do not read the labels and discover how unhealthy it is for them. Report
I haven't had a soda in years... Report
When I stopped drinking soda I started losing weight Report
Absolutely great Report
what has happened to parental responsibility? instead of putting the burden on the schools and soda industry, why can't parents teach their children good eating habits? when i was a child, i watched saturday morning cartoons with practically every commercial advertising some sugar-laden cereal or sweet snack. my mother didn't run out and buy them all for me so i never developed a desire for them. i agree that things should go back to how they used to be. back to parents being parents and taking responsibility for raising responsible children! Report
When I went to school there was NEVER any soda sold at school! They need to go back to the way schools used to be dietwise, a healthy lunch and no soda, just milk.
I agree that soda should not be on commercials when children are home from school. We have enough obese children in this country!
Great job Report
Everything in moderation. I drink a lot if unsweetened iced tea, and add sugar. Food allergies suck, and artificial sweeteners could kill me. A can (or two) of Coca-Cola every week makes me happy and doesn’t undermine my efforts. Report
I saw a documentary once that showed a scene outside a school that had banned junk food. At lunch time parents showed up & brought chips & soda to their kids. Parents felt the school was imposing unnecessary rules in their children. Report
When I went to school, no vending machines for anything. Didn't have money, even if there were. Brought food from home, period. Report
I replaced drinking sodas with plain water. Do they have bottled water in the vending machines at schools too?
When I was in school, we couldn't buy anything out of the lunch machines during our lunch time. However we could use the vending machines before school and after school- and you could buy things before school and eat them during lunch. Report
My local high school banned unhealthy meals and sodas. However, the school was conveniently located near a pizza shop, a donut store, a fried chicken joint, and a popular hamburger chain. Kids went out for lunch. Ultimately, we need to make time in a school curriculum go teach nutrition, health, cooking, and budgeting. Healthy eating is cheaper than eating out. Report
Thanks. Report
Consumption of to much sugar daily is going to show up in our blood work no matter what its in. Common sense. Its good to have knowledge but I am not in favor of government interference. Its a parents job to direct their children in the right direction. Its our responsibility as adults for what we eat or drink. Report

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