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Guilty Pleasures of the SparkPeople Coaches

What You Can Learn from Your Coaches


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Good ideas Report
Great article. Report
This was quite a motivating blog. Thanks so much for sharing! Report
Thanks for posting this article! I love that the coaches I trust and admire are "real" and while they all walk their talk, they face the same temptations as those of us who rely on their expertise to help us reach our goals. The coaches are people you really want to emulate, they prove that we can be healthier versions of ourselves and still be genuine. Report
I really needed to find and read this article today. I am eating healthy and being active but not taking the time to track everything or enter my goals done on SP every day now that summer is here and I am more focused on spending all my days outside instead of on the computer. I needed to read that even experts at fitness and wellness have weaknesses and times when they allow themselves to be flexible with their choices. Reading this article helped me to dump my guilt trip little inner voice that has been nagging me because I haven't been completely contentious or consistent in my SP program entries. Report
I loved this! It was perfect to see them give thier answers and to give me inspiration to be better and it really is ok to have a litte of what i love Report
For me, getting plenty of rest and sleep is a necessity for good health. There's nothing "guilty" about it. Report
Great article!! Now I don't feel so bad when I have my favorite guilty-pleasure pizza. All in moderation. Report

Thanks Dean, Chris, Becky, Tanya, Jen, and Nicole! It's so nice to know we're being led-inspired-taught-trained-coached by real human beings that admit to the same temptations we all face daily. Good questions, great answers and wonderful insight into the whole lifestyle thing! Life is a journey, life is choices, life is a challenge but most of all life is a gift from God. Make each day count and enjoy the trip! Report
This was a great article and really resonated with me- especially the part about how even after eating healthy dark chocolate still tastes good, versus sugary sodas that just don't. Report
Great Article. I loved it! Report
The guilty pleasures ARE essential. The first time I did weight watchers I NEVER cheated. But then came the really stressful event, and I ate an ENTIRE sheet cake. Sad. It even had ugly green frosting (my sister was experimenting). Nasty. I even hate cake! But I indulge in the things I REALLY like now, and it helps stay on track. Report
Thanks for the honesty! I am more willing to listen to someone's teachings when I know they aren't any more perfect that I am and have no problem admitting it! Great article! Report
The new members need to read this article. It helped me re: snacks, chocolate, etc. I'd make this required reading as so many posts from new members mention eating too much of their favorite foods. It's opened my eyes and I won't feel guilty when I indulge. But we won't count the nearly whole bag of Doritos I ate while in Walmart when I went to buy an ink cartridge. Now why do they put Doritos in the computer/tech department? For folks like me. Report
This was a fun read, made everyone so real! Thanks for being honest! Report

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