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Tips to Stay Full Longer

Beat Hunger and Boost Satisfaction


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  • This was the best article I've read on nutrition! So much good information!
  • I just scrolled down the other comments and saw many readers criticizing the "dated" article. Hummm... yep we now know that there are good fats and not so good fats but there were so many good points that were included that I think overall it was a great motivator for many of us, at least me.
  • I Have been making a big batch of vege based soup once a week which has really helped in many ways. I now feel like I am not starving myself. We either have it for lunch, replacing a sandwich which included mayo, or begin dinner with a bowl of soup. I put into the soup whatever I have on hand rather than my usual approach of using a recipe. Liberating and feeling creative(-: my husband has become involved with the creative activity as well so this new way of eating is doing lots of great things in our family of two. Thanks SP for your great articles- very motivating.
  • Lots of OUTDATED information from the outdated Becky Hand.
  • It's a dated article but I enjoyed it. I'm a big fruit eater ... given my preference I could live on fruit which of course would guarantee me a shorter less healthy life. There are some good tips there always are but articles need to be kept timely if only to make up for the changes in food production. Now more than ever it's important to read the label and it needs to say more than "Libby's, Libby's, Libby's" (that really dates ME).
  • Great article! After reading this article I can see how one of my most satisfying meals is a large veggie bowl which includes baby spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms. I also sometimes add avocado chunks to the bowl. It is very satisfying and leaves me full and happy! It helps meet many nutrition goals and contributes to water intake. I try and eat a bowl of veggies every day.
  • Broth with veggies helps me - think its the fiber and sodium combo. Salads with onions and bits of white chicken for flavor help me. FF popcorn definitely helps - think its the fiber/salt combo. Fruits satisfy me only for maybe 30 mins. What works the most is a fiber supplement. Has to be a blend with guar gums; inulin or benefiber do not work nearly as well.
  • Since 2013, the comments have mentioned the outdated advice in this article. Obviously, no one from Spark management reads these. So where do you go to let them know about articles that should be deleted? Post it on the message boards

    Anyway, read labels: try to stay away from chemicals. Know your body: I get full on plain popcorn, but overeat it because it tastes so good. Eat sensibility: no matter if it's plain popcorn, or cake, if you can't resist it, don't buy it.
  • Others have mentioned it, but I want to add my own two cents to this. Low=fat has been proven to be dangerous for our health. When will dieticians get up to date. Healthy fats, coffee, chocolate, eggs - all these are now considered healthy and dieticians who were trained before these studies came out need to go back to school. I remember way back in time when cranberries were taken off the "safe food" list! I think people now know they are good for us. So catch up, please!
  • Becky Hand's writings are bordering on dangerous, considering the wealth of knowledge out there about healthy fats.
  • I also disagree with many of the points in this article. When is SparkPeople going to get off the low fat, fake sugar bandwagon? Years of practicing this type of dieting left me alternately starving and yo-yo-ing myself into metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

    The worst of it was the self depredation for what I thought was lack of will power, and wandering what was wrong with me because I never had that sense of satiety. So I would be miserable for months and loose 30 or 40 lbs. only to regain it and hate myself even more.

    Now, I stay away from fake anything, I eat real healthy full fats with every meal, avoid refined sugar like the plague, and finally I feel normal, I have finally found that I do have that satiety switch, you're always talking about, and it didn't come from physically filling my stomach with low density foods and water, it doesn't work that way! Check the science.

    I will always love Spark People for the tools and sense of community. It provides such a large umbrella for approaches to dieting, exercise, and health, and hopefully room for a little disagreement.

    P.S. I lost 30lbs. during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, and I'm happy and satisfied.
  • SHAHAI16
    I already do a lot of these, I love fruits and veggies and salads. However, I don't agree with the low-fat parts. Obviously we need to limit trans and sat fat, but what about healthy fats? Most of the reduced-fat products have added sugars or fake sugars (I have to read labels carefully because my body can't tolerate anything but real sugar and Splenda in very small amounts) And I believe there is research that shows eating a salad with some fat (dressing, nuts, seeds, etc) actually increase absorption of the vitamins in the veggies (A,D,E, & K are all fat-soluble). I'm honestly surprised to see that recommended on Sparkpeople.
  • Some of us need to follow low fat diets and I'm one of them. I love broth based soups and all kinds of salads and veggies but I've come to healthy eating very slowly over the past 10 years or so. It takes time to change your tastes and attitudes. I still have a taste for anything creamy and high in fat and that't what got me into trouble in the first place.

    This is very good information. I love all of these informative articles .
  • WYATT18
    Great article- mostly known info, but always good reminders! Couldn't live a day without salad! Low fat is still a great option as long as it isn't substituted with sugar, and I only use sugar free! Thanks!

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