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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


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  • I did this to myself but I don't need to keep blaming myself and sinking in this self-pity mode. I have to go on and do better eat better exercise some ( I haven;t been doing any ). I will take control and want to live better again.
  • I have learned to think in the terms of I as in i come first! I will get my health back! I have started walking alot each day without a walker to assist me! I am improving daily!!
  • Coach Dean is right on
  • I finally took control and I have seen great success. I am putting me first!
  • That's the pain!
  • Thank you! This article is a reminder that a I was needing to keep focused. As it mentioned, I know what to do, but I need the decision to make it happen. #noexcusesallowed
    This is something that I need to work on.
  • yep!!! id highlight the whole article.....its that good to meeeeee!:)

    There may well be days when deciding not to follow your plan is the best choice you can make under the circumstances. And, as long as you know that it is you making these decisions—not the job, or the family, or the food—you won’t have to worry about falling off the wagon completely. You’ll know that it is just one decision, and that you can make a different one 10 minutes later if you want to.
  • This is something only you can do, and starting your sentences with an "I" will help you acknowledge that, and take responsibility for your own decisions and their consequences.

    love sparky miester dean anderson. today i will love myself enough to....take responsibility for my actions/choices
  • love this!!!! taking responsibility for my well being is doable!!!!
  • Hey, this guy is a behavioral psychologist! This is probably one of the best articles I have read on SP!!! I am going to read the entire three parts. Thanks again SP this article is a big home run!
  • Thank you for a much needed and helpful article!
  • I found this article very insightful. I've been on track, losing weight and increasing my activity levels since July 2014. I still have 70 more pounds to lose. I like this author's suggestion that I am responsible for my own success. I make the choices.
    For me, two other concepts have also helped. I saw a motivational sign here in SP that said, "There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Can't you spare 30 of them for exercise?". The other was what my doctor said that kicked off my weight loss quest. "Barb, losing weight is simply more calories out than calories in." It's a simple equation, that I am totally in control of IF I HONESTLY TRACK MY FOOD INTAKE AND ACTIVITIES. Sometimes, the progress is very slow. But it works.
  • I feel (see what i did there) that it should be pointed out that people with eating disorders do this compulsively. Accepting personal responsibility is nice and all, but as a person who is recovering from eating disorders, let me assure you, the "I" thing can get out of hand. For example (trigger warning) i can say "I don't have to eat." I can use that to fuel my disordered behavior all day long.

    So, perhaps a more balanced approach is needed? Perhaps we should all learn to see when something is within our power to change and when it is not?
  • Why do I exercise? I do it for me. My health is my responsibility. Not my mother's, my signifant other, my dog, my kid, or whoever. I don't do exercise for my family, my church, god, my mother, the dog, the cat, or the weather. Or whatever.

    I do it for me. It's ok to deserve things like self-care. If you feel "controlled", then you definitely need more "I" statements in your life. If you are feeling controlled by others, seeking out some professional help can be a good thing.

    I work to make better choices most days.

    The hard part about some of these articles is knowing which might apply to your own situation and which ones might not.

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