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Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

3 Ways to Get Back on Track


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I don't understand why he says the urge is powerless against will but then says to use techniques that demand willpower and effort. It is not going to be effortless to delay or deviate or use the beast imagery; if it takes effort, it takes will. And we absolutely CAN use our will against it.

Also, there are other forces that can drive that urge to binge that have nothing to do with emotional longing. I wasted years looking for the emotional reasons for my bingeing. It didn't matter what the urge came from, the essential thing was to hold out against it until the next time to eat. This responds to practice, just as any skill does, but it takes longer than most people want. So does playing the piano! Report
Great! article Report
Thanks for the article... plan on trying these tatics on my 'monster'... Report
thank you for the info Report
This article has really helped me understand and cope with this situation. I likened it to a switch that flicked itself on and I stuggled to gain control again after feeling a failure and barrating myself for my lack of will power in controlling it..... Report
Great article I will try some of these tactics Report
The only thing that has ever worked for me is being lazy. When "the Beast' starts to rise, I try to get comfortable in my reading chair and make myself feel "in a minute". I'll go get something to eat in a minute or two. That's how I stopped smoking. Report
I have really started identifying how stress or other emotional episodes trigger my desire for food. When I read "-maybe you just get bored, or start feeling a little anxious because there is nothing going on to distract you from that vague sense of impending doom that always seems to be lurking just under the surface" I just about cried. That is so descriptive and puts into words something I never really could. And if someone else wrote this, that means I am not the only person who feels this way. Thanks for this article, really, thank you. Report
Great article. Report
Thanks for the info Report
If we didnt' depend on food so much then her wouldn't be heavy like we are... Lots go on in peoples lives and this is how some of us deal Report
We learn to use food to subdue our emotions. We can UNlearn the behavior.

We just had to put our dog down. I have been told numerous variations of:

you need a drink
you need some ice cream
you need chocolate
you need _____ (fill in the blank with something to consume) Report
"The key here is to keep in mind that what your Beast really wants isn’t food, but emotional comfort."
Not true. Often, I just want the food. When a skinny person has a taste for a cookie, and has one, because, well, why not, do you think they are looking for emotional comfort? Sometimes, often, it is just about the food - because it tastes good. Report
great article Report

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