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  • I had either done this one or one very similar to it back about 4 yrs ago. Ohhhhhh I had almost ALL of it that I needed to do.

    Now I am doing quite well. It's NICE to come back and notice the challenges. My BIGGEST help was to work on emotions. Now I am a FIRM believer that if we do not address the emotions which started us,, and continued to build up on us we will not succeed long term.

    LOVE seeing the progress !! Of course we will have something in life to improve on. It's life and it's pretty neat !
    This article was very helpful with me learning how to stay on take with my motivation to lose weight. I have a lot to work on to meet my goal. I think and feel more positive about my weight loss and stop letting little setbacks and negative thoughts take over my goal of losing weight.
  • HILLSLUG98239
    My only "True" was Question 3, and I scored it as a 10. But I completely disagree with the idea that this has anything to do with external factors: it's very internally-driven. I LOVE food. I can workout for hours, and then blow it all by giving in to the urge to have that second cookie. I can always justify a treat, and I almost always kick myself for doing it.

    I'm not sobbing, though: this is just a part of my quirky personality. And I'm the first person to light up my social media statuses whenever I stretch my will power and fight off the cookie monster.
  • PLIDC1
    I love Coach Dean for saying this! "Imagine you live on a planet where scales and mirrors have never existed, where everyone wears one-size-fits-all unisex robes that effectively disguise their actual physical appearances. There are no standard height and weight charts, and your doctor has never heard of the Body Mass Index or waist-to-hip ratios. How will you decide whether your body is the way you want it to be? If you decide some changes are necessary, how will you know whether you are making progress towards those changes?"
  • This is a truly excellent article. I particularly appreciate the explanation that it is not weight loss or a certain size that matters. It's how we feel! That should be motivation enough. I know I feel better now that I am healthier. I aspire to be even healthier!
    I scored very high in all of these. These points were very clarifying for me, though. It's a different approach about motivation than what I usually read, and it really hit home.

    I've written a short list for each point to post on my bathroom mirror (I'll try to remember to change locations of the list so I don't end up "not seeing it" after a while)

    What it comes down to, is it's all a matter of slowing down and thinking about the choices we make.
  • This article really helped me put things into perspective. I am pretty motivated and do quite well most of the time but sometimes I think that I want to eat whatever I want...lately I have been thinking about a Big Mac value meal, which probably doesn't even taste good...for medical reasons I can't have the Coke or bread so this probably isn't an option anyway, but I was worrying about not being able to eat what I want whenever I I guess it is okay to think this way at is just part of human nature, and we just have to make choices to get us through these times. And if we for some reason make choices that we do not like in the end, then we pick ourselves up and move on.
  • My results were quite bad, I scored 'True' with 5+ marks in every question. But this article is so helpful I have printed it to keep it away and read it again and again. I have realized that I need to work on my motivation and this is a good starting point.
  • Great Article! Very helpful
  • Yes a very good article and one that I think is going to be the one that gets me on the right track.
  • Yikes, I answered True to all the questions. The funny part is I already knew this stuff about myself it is just very difficult to change. But I keep trying and there were some great strategies in the article to work with.
  • Powerful article, thank you so much. I have been on Sparkpeople for a while - but this is the best and most appropriate article I have read, it may change my life!!!!
  • Great article, it did help me understand some of the motivational issues. My main problem is I really enjoy being on the computer and have trouble getting away, then when I do there is always pet stuff to do. But I'm going to start making a mile walk to the store and back.
  • Oh la, I've scored close to 10 on each and every question.

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