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Write Your Vision Statement for Weight Loss

Find Out Why You've Set Your Goals


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This is such a great idea! Even without having a goal of weight loss, I can see how this would benefit anyone. I plan to create my vision statement with a possible vision board this week. I also will use SMART goal setting to break down the steps towards acheiving my vision.
Thank you! Report
Dean, you motivated me to write my statement! Here it is:
My Type 2 Vision Statement
Why? I am eating a Mediterranean style, low carb diet in order to keep my blood sugar levels low. I intend to be able to play with my grandkids, hike mountains, kayak, swim and live an active lifestyle for the next 20+ years (into my 80’s). Once I retire from teaching in a public school, my days will be filled with helping my kids chase their kids, teach the grandkids how to read, and do Math. I am not going to just sit on the sidelines while others play ball. I’ll be the pitcher, the one out in left field or some supportive position.
My day will be filled with friends, family, love, joy, and hikes. My days are filled with tasty food that I share with others. Food is my medicine and my strength! I will not use Type 2 as an excuse not to socialize. I’ll use it as an opportunity to share good health with others!
some good points Report
Interesting Report
Good info Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Ah did not appreciate the Circus Freak side act comment in this article. Hit me like a slap in the face. Report
This was a good reminder not to put so much importance on the scale number. Report
Good article Report
Thank you, great article. Everything starts with the first step and strong vision of the purpose will definitely help! Report
I am so impressed with this series! It's not just the number on the scale that is important it's also how I feel and how I want to feel and what I will do to get to where I want to get.

I've tried dieticians, fad diets, lectures and all kinds of other things but this is the first time I am realizing it's not just about the scale if you want to make a change you need to somehow make it within first.

THANK YOU! I think this is my "AHA" (or in my case "Holy CRAP") moment... Report
I will make2018 my year. I am going too stick with the plan to make my life better. Report
I'm excited about learning new things during the 30-Day Secrets to Success Challenge. I need to get back motivated with committing to daily physical activity workouts @ the gym & meal planning/meal prepping like I used to do.....and know to do!!!! Report
I'm working on my vision statement right now, and I referred to your article for help! Report
This is great information and I needed it! Thank you! Report

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