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6 Characteristics of Effective Goal Setting

Plot Your Strategy for Weight-Loss Success


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  • Again, another great article. This program has helped me set realistic goals and I plan on continuing after day 21, tracking and doing the challenges as a mainteneance program! - 10/21/2016 5:16:08 PM
  • I really like the reference to positive language in goal setting! - 10/17/2016 4:14:49 PM
  • I love Dean's articles - he has a wry sense of humor and he's a realist. His "examples" help me to use his hints and make them applicable to me. - 10/2/2016 10:10:16 AM
  • Thank You , this lifted me up a bit , Now to sit my mind to get thing rolling in the right direction. - 9/6/2016 8:07:42 PM
  • I appreciated the article. Thank you so much for the guidance. - 9/2/2016 10:22:20 AM
  • I read this, or a similar article at the start of the year when I first started. I made all my goals SMART - like I used to at work - I did not achieve any of them in the expected time frame and felt that I wasn't achieving. For weightloss and exercise I am no longer using timeframes. I have the targets and milestones. I am achieving them, slowly. Improving myself one choice, one day, one week at a time. - 7/27/2016 7:37:21 PM
  • This is a great article on goal setting! It's really hard to set goals but this helps simplify it. - 6/16/2016 8:55:43 AM
  • Helpful article - Thanks! I will incorporate this in my goal setting. I find goal setting so hard. - 5/10/2016 12:09:54 PM
  • great ideas. It keeps to the wise mantra of "little steps at a time" which is SO good for overall success. However, I will never find yogurt and fruit to be just as much a treat as chocolate! ha! but, in my own defense, the only chocolate I consume is very dark, like 85% and I limit myself to 60 calories of that per day. It is my reward at work, to keep me going as a shift nears the end. Oh, and I do have dark M&M's in the evening. I have a dispenser that gives out maybe three at a time. PERFECT little taste as I wind down.

    So yeah, I'm going to have chocolate, but I know how to be sane with it. Good article. - 4/8/2016 2:29:25 PM
  • Love this article. After reading it, I pulled out my food journal and created a short term goal action plan for my upcoming work week (which involves several cocktail parties, dinners and late hours). - 2/12/2016 3:09:20 PM
  • I am surprised and thankful for all of the tools that Spark People has provided! - 2/9/2016 9:09:32 AM
  • I needed to read this, really needed to. I have long term goals but do need to set smaller short term ones. I will be reading this again to remind & encourage myself!! - 1/9/2016 1:44:11 PM
  • I really need to redo my goals. - 7/14/2015 2:06:31 PM
  • Excellent article. So many people mistake objectives for goals. The objective is in the vision statement. The goal is how to get there and this article says it extremely well. - 9/7/2014 12:43:12 PM
  • Cramperella, you make a good point, but I would say your goals are still challenging to you. You may consider them modest, but by what or whose standard? Challenging does not mean impossible. Different people have different challenges, so do not disagree. Rather, look at it differently, which it sounds like you have. - 9/7/2014 12:42:00 PM

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