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6 Characteristics of Effective Goal Setting

Plot Your Strategy for Weight-Loss Success


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  • I use short term, mid term and long term goals. It really helps one walk through the steps of weight loss and healthy living. Thank you for all your wonderful articles.
  • Very informative article. I think I can use this it will help much.
  • My neurologist gave me such good news about my Bell's palsy, that I was making extraordinary progress, that I felt at least momentarily invigorated. I did more walking and some mild calisthenics, which I have not felt like doing since stricken. I have been inspired by being involved with Sparkpeople to watch my portions more carefully, too. All toward a goal of losing more weight and getting my blood sugar down more. I have not made as much progress as I would have liked these past 30 days with Sparkpeople because the Bell's has left me feeling exhausted most days and forgetting to eat until I feel like fainting. I am anticipating that better and am ready with appropriate snacks.
  • mind changing....thanks Dean Anderson and Sparkland!!! :)))
  • Same article, same me - and I lost the 3 pounds I'd planned to lose in 21 days - slow and steady for me. It's the only way.
  • I'm on day 20 - will weigh in tomorrow. Last week down 2-1/2 of the 3 pounds I hoped to lose - before Christmas. It's been a hard week tho - not in terms of food intake but in terms of life events. I've not been nearly as mobile this past week and I feel it but can't do much about it.
  • Again, another great article. This program has helped me set realistic goals and I plan on continuing after day 21, tracking and doing the challenges as a mainteneance program!
  • I really like the reference to positive language in goal setting!
  • I love Dean's articles - he has a wry sense of humor and he's a realist. His "examples" help me to use his hints and make them applicable to me.
  • Thank You , this lifted me up a bit , Now to sit my mind to get thing rolling in the right direction.
  • I appreciated the article. Thank you so much for the guidance.
  • I read this, or a similar article at the start of the year when I first started. I made all my goals SMART - like I used to at work - I did not achieve any of them in the expected time frame and felt that I wasn't achieving. For weightloss and exercise I am no longer using timeframes. I have the targets and milestones. I am achieving them, slowly. Improving myself one choice, one day, one week at a time.
  • This is a great article on goal setting! It's really hard to set goals but this helps simplify it.
  • Helpful article - Thanks! I will incorporate this in my goal setting. I find goal setting so hard.
  • great ideas. It keeps to the wise mantra of "little steps at a time" which is SO good for overall success. However, I will never find yogurt and fruit to be just as much a treat as chocolate! ha! but, in my own defense, the only chocolate I consume is very dark, like 85% and I limit myself to 60 calories of that per day. It is my reward at work, to keep me going as a shift nears the end. Oh, and I do have dark M&M's in the evening. I have a dispenser that gives out maybe three at a time. PERFECT little taste as I wind down.

    So yeah, I'm going to have chocolate, but I know how to be sane with it. Good article.

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