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6 Characteristics of Effective Goal-Setting

Plot Your Strategy for Weight-Loss Success



7/10/2014 6:13:13 AM

LEANMEAN2's SparkPage
good reminders


7/4/2014 10:56:58 AM

Good advice.


4/4/2014 11:38:09 AM

CAROLJEAN64's SparkPage
I always find these kinds of ideas easy to remember and apply if I create an acronym. Here's what I came up with CAST F P. Cast for postivie!


12/7/2013 6:56:10 PM

TEAROSE22's SparkPage
This is a thought proving article, and helpful in my goal assessment.


9/10/2013 7:24:33 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. I love reading every article. Keep them coming.


12/12/2012 7:47:59 AM

SMARTIN77's SparkPage
Well-written article. Last night I started a motivational journal in addition to my daily journal for prayer and life events. I'm keeping track of all my Spark Goals and challenges. I'm adding positive quotes, things I'm grateful for, and things I want to do for others. I planned rewards for several goals, and my next step is to create a rewards calendar to see when I can get the prizes for my efforts. Some things include exercise equipment (like resistance bands, ball, etc.). Or a lovely set of stylish salad plates to hold my healthy meals. Things that will enhance my lifestyle change and help along the journey. Thanks for keeping us motivated with this informative article.


10/27/2011 4:12:44 PM

GOLFLADY11's SparkPage
Excellent article with applicable strategies for my weight loss journey.


10/23/2011 10:52:20 PM

Very helpful to go through the steps. I am journaling as I go. Anyone have example vision statements?


6/13/2011 6:24:53 PM

TINAPETE's SparkPage
This whole series is full of important ideas that go beyond counting points and steps. Thank you Dean, you are my hero.
I want to stop relying on eating to manage my feelings. It keeps me fat and adds to my unhappiness. Have lost 16+ so far.
Best wishes to all!


3/3/2011 2:47:12 AM

RUNNERGIRL60's SparkPage
I saved this to help me get set up better on my journey. Thanks for all the articles, they really do help!


9/23/2010 3:17:02 PM

MMMLANEY's SparkPage
I printed this one out, but I needs some examples of NOT being vague to myself...


8/17/2010 2:03:24 PM

This was a great article, and very good advice. I really needed to read this one, to help me with my own personal goals, and how to go about working on the things that I need too. Thanks for all of your great articles.


6/26/2010 11:07:29 PM

2SPARKS's SparkPage
Keep these coming - I really look forward to your articles - it's always so informative!


5/11/2010 10:49:35 AM

I looked forward to reading these every day! Thank you!


5/10/2010 4:07:03 AM

Thank you for this wonderful series of articles. They make a perfect "guidebook" for success: Full of knowledge, well written and easy to understand even for those like me, whose mother language is not English. I see this article as a blue print for goal setting in general, not only for weight loss.

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