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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pilates

Workouts to Try, Benefits to Gain


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  • Have to try this
  • is an excellent resource with hundreds of online classes from well-qualified teachers.
  • anything helps :)
    If we're completely correct, pronouncing his name the German way, it's nowhere near puh-lah-teez, but pi (as in picture) - lah - tes (as in test).
  • Pilates has given me much more core strength than I thought possible, because I have always had a week core in the past.
    The title confused me. I thought we should pass on taking pilates. The article was pro pilates but I thought the title was going to be anti pilates.
  • I love Pilates; I had read part of an autobiography about Joseph Pilates. He was a prisoner of war being held by the Germans and used his own body and equipment made from the bed/furniture he had access to (the basis of the reformer).

    He refused to help Hitler when asked to train the Germans.

  • Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise. I teach all forms of fitness and Pilates is by far the favorite among my exercise classes.

    We relax, stretch and strengthen to soft classical music and candles instead of bright lights. It is such a great way to have the mind-body experience while working on fitness.

  • If you love pilates like I do, check out out my blogs -- pilates has changed my life!
  • Je t'adore Piilates!!
    I love Pilates! I started doing a Pilates program about 3 years ago when my asthma got worse. Now I do Pilates with an addition with walking. I feel more coordinated and have better posture.
  • I love Pilates!!
  • I love pilates!!! If you do it 3 times a week for 2 weeks you can see a huge difference!
  • Although I can see the benefits of either yoga or pilates (I use both in small amounts in my program), there is one line in this article that caught my eye.

    "The overall goal of Pilates is to make a toned body without adding bulk, while lengthening the muscles."
    You can make them stronger, you can even make them bigger if you try hard enough (And with women, we have to try -very- hard to add bulk). But the last time I checked, muscles went from point A to point B. You cannot make them -longer-.

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