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Exercising with High Blood Pressure

Exercise Your Right to Lower Blood Pressure


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    Low blood pressure isn’t a problem unless you have symptoms. But High blood pressure always has risk factors.. Here I have found this blog is helpful - how long does heroin stay in system
  • Good article! Thank you!
  • Why is there not something with exercising with low BP
  • VEERSINGH12345
    I would like to say thanks to you for your blog, I was searching the bp monitor blog for get the information that the how the blood pressure machine useful to us and how is beneficial. Buy I did not got any blog, buy after the read your blog I found that there are a lot of information of bp monitoring. So thanks to you.
  • Hello, for me, starting high blood pressure medication actually helped increase my exercise tolerance. I started losing weight after that. I would exercise and my heart rate would go up, I would get so red in the face, and sweat profusely. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and then starting medications, I was much improved. I am now on 2 different medications but I can exercise much better. Hopefully, I can lose weight and then get off blood pressure medication. Good luck to everyone out there!
  • My BP med has an 'ace inhibitor' which causes tiredness. In my 60's but always active and suddenly realized I was doing nothing but sitting in my chair, in front of the TV, for months. So hard to exercise when you feel like this.

    I try to counter it by walking or doing yard work in the morning before taking my pill. Am trying hard to lose weight and hope that helps.
    I'm new here and have the article and comments helpful.Thanks Everyone. I have out kof control BP and have been on meds for years. I'm. Hoping that with summer eating better, less sodium and more exercise I. Will see a drop in weight and BP.
    well don't do weighs more just walks very short. and yard work , garden work to.
  • A better question is, "Should you strength train with an aortic aneurysm??".
  • Good information.
  • Actually, recent studies have shown that weight training DOES help lower blood pressure. This article needs an update!
    OOPS forgot to mention, 30 minutes a day on my glider machine DRIVES my BP down to the best possible range within a few minutes after exercising, and it stays there for a good amount of time...
    after arguing for a year with a visiting nurse who volunteered to visit our apartment building to test residents for high blood pressure, I finally agreed to take a lisinopril with thiazide to try to control my HBP, a few months ago I bought my own monitor which wraps around the wrist, and checks out very well with my doctor's office visits as far as accuracy, I found to my surprise that a huge component to brief episodes of HBP was emotional reactions to silly stuff like a scary science fiction movie :) I started out with 12.5 mg and now use 25 mg daily, chemistry has three main aspects, temperature, pressure and concentration, my temperature is almost always naturally low, but my addiction to sodium, and lack of control of the pressure component, caused a life long problem with HBP, the prescription does have a few side effects, however the ability to control spikes in BP is worth it.
  • Very informative article. Learned a few things I didn't know.
    Will keep this in my Favorites

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